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Calvin found by OCS trapped on SRC parapet, rescued by SPCA

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Office of Campus Security (OCS) works with us, notifying us of any incidents regarding cats on campus.

On Thursday, 31 July 2014, at 7pm, we received a call from Mr. Sam from Office of Campus Security. A cat was discovered trapped along a parapet behind a glass barrier on UTown Stephen Riady Centre Level 3. The cat was described to be dark in colour and shivering. They were looking for assistance to rescue the cat.

OCS did not have the adequate tools nor experience with such a rescue, so they contacted Office of Facilities Management and Pest Control, but with the explicit purpose of rescuing and relocating the cat, not to put it down. OCS also made it clear that noone is allowed to climb over the barrier for the safety of everyone.
Sabrina was contacted to assist. Upon arrival, Sabrina recognised the cat as Calvin, who disappeared about a month ago. Calvin looked visibly skinny, dehydrated, and very scared.
At 9.30pm, there was still no response from pest control or OFM. With OCS’ support, Sabrina contacted SPCA’s 24-hour Rescue Hotline (62875355 ext 9). They have the equipment needed for, and the experience with this sort of rescue.
At 10.30pm, SPCA personnel arrived. With their assistance, they managed to rescue “Calvin” by bringing her over the barrier with a catchpole. However, once she was safely over the barrier, she managed to struggle free and ran off into the bushes. At the least, she is able to seek safety and shelter now.
We will be working with the UTown feeders to try to relocate Calvin back to her family and usual feeding spot. We will try to get her back into good shape as well. I’m sure she misses her family, and will be happy to get back to her normal life.

On behalf of our campus cats, we thank OCS for all their effort and assistance in this incident. A big thank you to Sam, Michael, and the other OCS staff who were there as well. We appreciate that they all went above and beyond their duties to save a life.


This incident has shown us that campus staff do care for the welfare of animals as well. With their help, we have more assistance to ensure the good welfare and management of the cats.

That being said, this incident also highlights the worries we face during the semester breaks. With less manpower available, and less volunteers present, it is difficult to keep track of our campus cats as much. In Business/Computing, Princess is still reportedly missing, and in Science Roxy is still unsterilised and at large. There have been reports of a new tuxedo cat in the Arts area too, near Hansel/Crumbs.

If you spot any cats on campus, do let us know via email or Facebook, even if you think we know about it. Chances are, it could possibly be a new cat and we need to manage its presence. Your help and contribution means a lot to us, no matter how big or small.

Contact us at for any enquiries.

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