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January 27, 2013
by kyliekohwy

Updates on SDE Cats

Hello all,

Hope everyone is still doing well after school has started!

Unfortunately, things have not been going so well for the SDE Campus Cats, Patrick and Bobby! 🙁

Patrick has sadly passed away earlier this month, due to an attack from a pack of dogs, believed to have been roaming around campus late at night, especially during the holidays. This is really a sad news for many of us, especially since Patrick has been well-loved by many students, staff and cleaner aunties in SDE over the last few years…

You will be missed, Patrick.


The other cat, Bobby, has also  unfortunately suffered an injury on top of his head. Thankfully, there was no infection and no pus were found on his wound. We hope Bobby will get well really soon!

Poor Bobby with an injury 🙁


If you have any information about the dogs which attacked Patrick, about Bobby’s injury, or any other important information, please do share with NUS Cat Cafe, by dropping us an email ( or posting on our Facebook page (

Also, we are looking for regular feeder(s) for Bobby – by regular feeder, we do mean that there is a responsibility involved in ensuring that the cat is well-fed and taken care of, as well as feeding in a responsible manner that will not create unsightly mess or generate unnecessary complaints. Do email NUS Cat Cafe if you would like to be one 🙂

Wishing everyone and the cats a joyful week ahead!

January 11, 2013
by kyliekohwy

NUS Cat Cafe Meetings Resume!

Hello there!

Hope everyone had a great vacation! 🙂

As the new semester begins, NUS Cat Cafe will be resuming our regular meetings, starting from 16 Jan. Details for the first meeting is as follows:

Date: 16 Jan 2013 (Wed)

Time: 730PM – 830PM

Venue: Conference Room II @ Faculty of Science, Block S1, Level 3 Mezzanine (Refer to map below)

Agenda: To welcome new comers and discuss upcoming plans for the semester

Do join us at the meeting if you are interested to find out more about NUS Cat Cafe. Kindly drop us an email at to indicate your attendance. Feel free to bring your cat-loving friends along! 🙂

See ya there!

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