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November 15, 2012
by kyliekohwy

NUS Cat Walk


The first ever NUS Cat Walk expedition was successfully concluded last friday, 9 Nov 2012! We were glad to have participants joining us from several different faculties/halls as well as feeders from Arts, Biz and Science and together at least 4 cats were spotted!

The NUS Cat Walk was organized to engage all our volunteers and feeders to better learn about the campus cats’ population and how we can help them to stay harmoniously in NUS . There were two components to the event, firstly, in the ‘Spotting Phase”, participants are brought to visit the Arts resident cats at AS4 and with the help of our Arts feeder, Dr. Stephen, the juicy cats’ history of Arts was shared, while witnessing how feeding can be conducted in campus in a systematic and responsible manner. Hansel, the star of the night, was really enjoying all the attention and love from the participants, while Niu Niu, being a shy cat, retreated back from the crowd!

Hansel, star of the night

Participants of NUS Cat Walk  interacting with the cats

Such a nice massage – why not visit me more often? 🙂

The next part of the event was the “Exploitation Phase’, where all participants split up into smaller groups to look out for the unknown cats in NUS! These are the cats whom we are not familiar with and do not have regular feeders feeding them. They may or may not be sterilized but they are sure wandering around our campus discretely!

And so, we managed to spot this cat near the back of the Biz canteen. (The Bobby-look-alike cat, maybe Barbie? ^^)

Unknown cat spotted at the back of Biz canteen

Female, sterilized

A clearer picture of the cat, spotted near Computing in July this year

This is the place where the cat was spotted during the NUS Cat Walk.  Should anyone have seen it or have any information about this cat (eg. where it usually hangs out, any people feeding it, time it appears etc) please let us know or share on our Facebook page ( to help us better understand it! Who knows this might be our next resident cat! 🙂

Place where the unknown cat is spotted. Biz canteen on the left of the picture

Pathway leading to Biz Canteen

Pathway leading to Central Forum

Staircase leading up from Biz carpark

Another view of the place


That’s all for the semester for NUS Cat Cafe! We wish everyone all the best, especially for students mugging hard for exams!  🙂

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