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October 29, 2012
by kyliekohwy

Adopter wanted!


A beautiful young 7 week old kitten, Jacqui, is looking for a dedicated adopter!

Jacqui was found in Sentosa a week after her birth, with a cold caught during one of the rainy days, causing both her eyes to get infected. One of her eyes have fully recovered sight now while the other eye has yet to recover. She is currently taken care of by an ex-NUS student, who is unfortunately unable to take her in any further due to family and work obligations. What Jacqui would need now is an indoor home, with loving and patient owners that are able to monitor her progress and to take her to the vet’s whenever needed.

For more details, please refer to

Strong Jacqui recovering from eye infection

October 29, 2012
by redrum

Join Us for the Inaugural NUS Cat Walk!

Hello hello!

Ever looked around school and wondered where are the campus cats hanging out? Would you like to meet and learn more about them?


NUS Cat Cafe is organizing the first ever “NUS Cat Walk“, where we visit our lovely friends!


Date of Event: 9 November 2012 (Fri)

Time: 7pm to 10pm

Venue: Around NUS Kent Ridge Campus

Objective of event: To understand the cats’ lifestyle in NUS and how we can do our part to ensure the best interests for the cats

*Route to be covered will be released at a later date*

*Sighting of cats is subjected to circumstances*


To register, please drop us an email at with the following details:




Mobile Number:


Limited vacancies are available, as we are only able to accommodate to small groups so as not to scare the cats off. So do sign up first to secure a place!

Feel free to drop us an email for any queries and enjoy the week ahead!

PS: Do drop by the NUS Cat Cafe booth located at AS6 and join us for the talk on Illegal Wildlife Trade on coming Wed, 31 Oct. More details are available on

October 21, 2012
by kyliekohwy

OED Networking Event

Hi there!

The Cat Cafe team was honored to be invited to give a short presentation at the OED Networking Event, on last Friday 19 October 2012. It was a casual and delightful session, attended by a mixture of staff coming from different places, such as facility managers from various faculties, departments such as Office of Campus Security, buildings like UCC, libraries and Museum, as well as the halls.

At the presentation, the Cat Cafe team shared the Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM) management system as the humane and effective solution to managing and controlling the cat population. With this management plan in place, cats can be sterilized to prevent breeding and by working with their feeders, we can all help to manage these cats to reduce potential complaints/conflicts such as cats entering into labs/rooms or approaching people for food! Of course, we would first need to ensure that feeding is done in a responsible manner that doesn’t create an unsightly mess or attract pests! 🙂

The team also explained why calling in the pest control and request that they remove the cat will be not be an effective solution in the long run. Cats by nature, are territorial animals, and will protect their territory from entry of new cats. Hence by ‘removing’ the cat, it would simply mean that the territory is now unprotected and open for new cats to take over. This might even result in a bigger problem if the new cat is aggressive or unsterilized! *gasp*

Overall, it was a meaningful session that received a couple of positive feedback from the attendees. We are also very thankful towards OED for being so supportive of our activities and for inviting us to share our management system at their event. Let’s work towards creating a humane and harmonious environment for not just the cats, but for all users in NUS! Hooray! 🙂

October 17, 2012
by kyliekohwy

Sterilization Achievement Unlocked!

Dear all, (If you would like to make a donation, kindly transfer to acct no 063-4-016081 DBS Savings Plus and do drop us an email at with your particulars, many thanks!)

Here’s what the Cat Cafe team has been busy with this week – Sterilizations! Four cats have been trapped on last wed (10 Oct 2012) for sterilization as part of our Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM) management system. They are…

1. Charcoal from Raffles Hall

2. Petals, owned by a resident on campus!

Note: The sterilization costs of Petals are covered by her owner and do not form a part of the online appeal for donations.

3. Blackie at Temasek Hall

4. Cali, the Science Cat

Unfortunately for Cali, we thought something was amiss when Cali appeared to be pregnant since July/Aug but had not given birth up til today. The vet later found out that she was indeed pregnant with 8 kittens in her stomach, of which none of them manage to survive 🙁 The vet informed that Cali had a difficult labour – her body is small yet she was so heavily pregnant, hence she had problems delivering the kittens. Thankfully, Cali is now doing fine and will be returning to campus on Monday! She had a slightly longer recovery period as the vet had to make a longer incision in order to remove the kittens. I’m sure everyone is already missing Cali since she was away from Wednesday onwards! 🙁

NUS Cat Cafe would like to appeal for donations for the above-mentioned sterilization and veterinary bills. The total bill is $332.52 (excluding Petals’ sterilisation costs, which are reflected below too), please refer to the receipts below.


If you would like to make a donation, please kindly the amount to acct no 063-4-016081 DBS Savings Plus. Please do also drop us a note at to let us know who you are! On behalf of the cats, we thank you for your generous act! 🙂 Please feel free to contact us should you have any enquiries.

God bless! 🙂

October 13, 2012
by kyliekohwy

Temasek Hall Case Study!

Hi everyone!

The Cat Café team has received a call for help from the Temasek Hall management, regarding a cat trespassing into a resident’s room and just refuses to move! This playful cat we are talking about is Blackie, 9 months old male tabby!

Playful Blackie at Temasek Hall~

Fortunately, the Cat Café team has met up with the hall management and has convinced them ‘removing’ Blackie from the hall is not going to solve the problem at all. This is due to the fact that cats are territorial and removing them would just mean that we are inviting another cat to take over that territory! Hence, a more practical and long-term solution would be our Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM) system, in which we sterilize the cats to ensure that they do not breed and contribute to a population increase, and subsequently release these sterilized cats back to the environment where we manage the cats and its population from there on! So good news is that, we have managed to trap and sterilize Blackie on last wednesday night (10 Oct 2012), and lets hope that Blackie’s behavior will tone down a little after his sterilization! 🙂

Now, back to the problem. The Cat Café team has found out that one critical reason that is attracting Blackie to the rooms could be due to the residents’ feeding habits – we heard that Blackie is being fed at the doorstep of the room or sometimes even inside oops! Instead, we would suggest that Blackie should be trained to feed at a fixed feeding point away from the dorms so as to keep him out. If Blackie tries to enter, he definitely needs to be taught a lesson by spraying water at him. In this way, he will learn that he is NOT supposed to enter into the rooms but that could possibly solve most of the worries by the hall management and cat-phobic residents!

No Blackie, you shouldn’t be wandering near/inside the rooms!

Lastly, before we end off this post, here’s a reminder to everyone. We did a little background investigation on Blackie and it seems that Blackie used to be taken care of by a resident at another hall, but was unfortunately let off as a stray when the resident graduated and was no longer able to care for it. This seems almost like a common problem coming from halls, so before we decide to adopt a cat, let’s remind ourselves that a domestic cat’s lifespan could be as long as 15 years and we should be ready to take responsibility for its entire lifespan! Hooray!


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