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April 5, 2012
by desirabbit
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URGENT!!: Fosterer needed for pregnant cat

This lovely soon-to-be mother cat here is currently staying at Raffles hall and needs a fosterer urgently for the period of time during and after she gives birth.


My Pawfile:
Name: Pickles
Temperament: I’m very very friendly and won’t mind your touch unless you touch my belly because it holds my precious little ones!
Health: Clean
Current home: I’m used to living in people’s rooms already so no need to help me adapt to a new environment when I move in


A likely timeline of the fostering process is as follows:
day 0: Fostering begins
Approx 1 month or so later: Pickles gives birth
At least 3 weeks following or until kittens open eyes: DO NOT TOUCH EITHER MOTHER OR KITTENS. just replenish food and water daily
(Meanwhile fosterers for the kittens will be sourced)
Kittens ready to be adopted: Pickles is released/ adopted and the kittens find homes of their own


What to do during Pickles’s pregnancy period:
– provide her with a dark and cosy area, e.g. a cage covered with cloth on the outside.


What to do after Pickles gives birth?
Just leave her alone and do not touch her or the newborn for at least 3 weeks or until they open their eyes, just replenish their food and water regularly.



If you know anybody who can help foster either the mother or the kittens, or if you know anybody who would want to adopt a kitten after they are born,do let us know as well! If you have any other questions regarding cat care etc, please direct them to Keven Ang at 9101-6547.
Thanks and have a nice day~





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