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March 27, 2012
by desirabbit

Panda is not just found in China

Clearly, the grammatical error was intentional, because this post is all about NUS’s very own Panda! Panda is one of our permanent cats regularly seen at Science.

Panda goes back to her “roots” and uses a stone pillow.


This is her favourite spot where she gets an aerial view of the world below and imagines herself as the “watcher” instead of the “watched”.

Never engage in a staring competition with any adorable creature. May suffer from a melty heart and develop a soft spot afterwards. May feel tender. Okay okay.

That’s all for now! Miao! (Or the more commonly used Italian word of parting, Ciao!) 😀

March 21, 2012
by desirabbit
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Cat Cafe is Still Alive

Just an update to inform everyone that CAT CAFE is still very much alive and kicking! Although we do not have any specific activities or projects that we are working on right now (thus the lack of posts), the cats around school are still constantly being checked on by us and fed by the respective feeders. For more information on what we have been doing lately, do visit:

In other news:

A new kitten has been spotted roaming around the Science Canteen! Some pictures to catch the attention of those more visually inclined C:

We have yet to determine if this is a transient or permanent cat, but so far the sightings have been quite regular. Will have to keep tabs on this little one here as it has yet to be sterilized too!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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