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Super quick update!


Unfortunately I’ve been completely swamped in lab these past 2 weeks and sad to say as graduation looms the pressure is only going to build from here on out. Hopefully we’ll be able to teach Prab and Cheryl who have been recently recruited to the team the ropes so they can keep things going as Weiling and I get busier.

The Mummy cat at the Business library seems to be doing okay and we should be attempting to trap the two kittens for sterilization soon. We expect to require the cat traps from Damy for that as the kittens are pretty skittish and reluctant to allow us to approach them. We’re currently considering buying one or two of the traps to facilitate our TNRM activities in school but will have to wait for Damy to get back to us on that.

On another note, we’ve recently reaffirmed our contacts with OED and they will definitely inform us if there are any cat related complaints/issues on campus reported to them. Unfortunately, based on my knowledge, the residences are not under their purview and we have recently received news that KE VII has been trapping cats of their own accord. We hope to visit them within the next couple of weeks to find out more about what they’ve been doing about the cats in their area and also to try to convince them that TNRM has more chance of helping them to control their cat population.

Finally, NUS PEACE held a viewing of “The Cove” today at the Central Library and ACRES came down to share a bit more about what they are doing to convince RWS that their plans to bring in dolphins is a bad idea.

And that’s about it for now. 🙂

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