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Visited Business faculty and met up with Swee Ling and Leha today.


Update about the cats over at the Faculty of Business/SoC.

We first went by on Sunday morning and only saw the mummy cat and 2 of her 5 kittens. So today I met up with Swee Ling who showed me around Business to take a look at the various cats there.

We saw the cat she regularly feeds. They call him Daddy cause unfortunately he is suspected of fathering multiple litters of cats at Business. If so then thank goodness they finally got him neutered in July this year so at least that solves one problem. 🙂
Take a look at the Facebook page, thanks to our photo record of our cats over the past few years, we’re reasonably sure that he was one of White Socks’ kittens from her 1st litter.

Besides Daddy, we also spotted one of their regular cats who is really really pretty. She’s quite friendly as well and allowed me to pet her even though she had never seen me before!

We then popped over to the Business library to take a look at Mummy and her new kittens. We only spotted one kitten still with her and can only hope that the others have been adopted by some kind souls as opposed to having met with some mishap that is unfortunately so common with strays.

We also returned at night around 9pm to check whether the cats are regularly there in order to plan for the trapping. Mummy was again there with the last remaining kitten and we’ll try to get them trapped and neutered by next week at the latest.

I’ll be posting up photos to the Facebook page soon so do swing by there if you want to take a look at the cats!

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