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Lots of stuff happening, so little time!


So in the last 2 weeks there has been quite a lot of stuff happening!

On the 23rd NUS PEACE had their 2nd meeting and the turnout was fairly good. NUS PEACE seems pretty much back on track now and we wait to see what they have in store for us this year with a brand new team!
At the same time, we’ve pretty much bullied Say Lin into taking over the post as the new president of the group and he brings with him a clear passion to help the poor animals. Devil emoticon Facebook

We have also heard that there are quite a few cats at the Faculty of Business, of which one particular cluster might be in danger of getting culled if we do not move to get them neutered to control the population there.
I ask that if anyone hangs out at Business regularly and knows where the cats usually hang out, or even if you know someone else who does, that they please contact me so we can keep an eye out for the cats.

Finally, I received a call yesterday from Eusoff Hall regarding a cat that had somehow made its way into the dining hall and later been trapped by one the the cooks. We had released the cat around the area but will try our best to monitor the situation and arrange a time when we can attempt to trap the cats and to send them for neutering.
We will also have to see what suggestions we can offer the staff at the hall to avoid the cats getting into the kitchen/dining hall and causing a nuisance.

Till next time!

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