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September 29, 2011
by kevenang

Super quick update!

Unfortunately I’ve been completely swamped in lab these past 2 weeks and sad to say as graduation looms the pressure is only going to build from here on out. Hopefully we’ll be able to teach Prab and Cheryl who have been recently recruited to the team the ropes so they can keep things going as Weiling and I get busier.

The Mummy cat at the Business library seems to be doing okay and we should be attempting to trap the two kittens for sterilization soon. We expect to require the cat traps from Damy for that as the kittens are pretty skittish and reluctant to allow us to approach them. We’re currently considering buying one or two of the traps to facilitate our TNRM activities in school but will have to wait for Damy to get back to us on that.

On another note, we’ve recently reaffirmed our contacts with OED and they will definitely inform us if there are any cat related complaints/issues on campus reported to them. Unfortunately, based on my knowledge, the residences are not under their purview and we have recently received news that KE VII has been trapping cats of their own accord. We hope to visit them within the next couple of weeks to find out more about what they’ve been doing about the cats in their area and also to try to convince them that TNRM has more chance of helping them to control their cat population.

Finally, NUS PEACE held a viewing of “The Cove” today at the Central Library and ACRES came down to share a bit more about what they are doing to convince RWS that their plans to bring in dolphins is a bad idea.

And that’s about it for now. 🙂

September 13, 2011
by kevenang

Neutering of the mummy cat at the Business library

Last Thursday we went over to the Business library to meet with Su Yian, a librarian there who had raised the issue of the new litter of kittens there and whom had been feeding them regularly.

With her help, we managed to catch the mother cat and Damy was kind enough to swing by the campus to pick her up for sterilization.

She was subsequently released on Sunday and according to the latest post on our Facebook page by Leha, both kittens and the mother are doing well.

We also spoke with Damy regarding the 2 kittens and he had mentioned that they were a bit on the small side and therefore he advised us to wait for another 2-3 weeks before trapping them for sterilization.

Till next time! 🙂

September 7, 2011
by kevenang

Cat food comparisons

After speaking with Swee Ling yesterday, I figured that most feeders without cats at home probably have no idea what exactly they are feeding their cats beyond the fact that they are feeding some store bought brand of cat food.

The issue is obviously whether the food being fed is good for the cats and also whether the more expensive food is worth it’s price tag.

I checked around online and found this pretty informative post.

For those of you who aren’t exactly inclined to trawl though the information on that page, it essentially discusses the various ingredients in cat food and the bottom line is that cats are carnivores and as such, can only metabolize meat proteins and fats. Carbohydrates in cat food provide absolutely no nutritional value to them and are used as fillers more than anything else.

As with all food labels, the ingredients listed on the package of cat foods are in order of highest concentration to lowest concentration. Therefore, meat or meat meal should be the main ingredients of any good quality cat food while cereal grains should be minimized.

The caveat however is that the ambiguous terms; animal by-products, meat, animal fats and the like are potentially meat products from dubious sources such as dead or diseased animals.

Unfortunately the cats we are feeding are generally strays and as such, cost and storage are major considerations when choosing cat food unlike house cats which I believe most people would be willing to spend quite a bit more on. Even with all the issues with cats being chronically dehydrated when fed with kibbles, the ease of storage and the relatively lower cost make these the food of choice. Feeders should therefore be careful to ensure that the cats be provided with a constant source of fresh and clean water.
We are currently feeding our cats over at Science with Royal Canin Fit 32 which is a pretty good quality food and a reasonable price. Unfortunately there seems to be some discrepancy between the ingredients advertised on their official website and those listed on the packaging and as such, I have emailed them directly to check which list is correct.

September 6, 2011
by kevenang

Visited Business faculty and met up with Swee Ling and Leha today.

Update about the cats over at the Faculty of Business/SoC.

We first went by on Sunday morning and only saw the mummy cat and 2 of her 5 kittens. So today I met up with Swee Ling who showed me around Business to take a look at the various cats there.

We saw the cat she regularly feeds. They call him Daddy cause unfortunately he is suspected of fathering multiple litters of cats at Business. If so then thank goodness they finally got him neutered in July this year so at least that solves one problem. 🙂
Take a look at the Facebook page, thanks to our photo record of our cats over the past few years, we’re reasonably sure that he was one of White Socks’ kittens from her 1st litter.

Besides Daddy, we also spotted one of their regular cats who is really really pretty. She’s quite friendly as well and allowed me to pet her even though she had never seen me before!

We then popped over to the Business library to take a look at Mummy and her new kittens. We only spotted one kitten still with her and can only hope that the others have been adopted by some kind souls as opposed to having met with some mishap that is unfortunately so common with strays.

We also returned at night around 9pm to check whether the cats are regularly there in order to plan for the trapping. Mummy was again there with the last remaining kitten and we’ll try to get them trapped and neutered by next week at the latest.

I’ll be posting up photos to the Facebook page soon so do swing by there if you want to take a look at the cats!

September 1, 2011
by kevenang

Lots of stuff happening, so little time!

So in the last 2 weeks there has been quite a lot of stuff happening!

On the 23rd NUS PEACE had their 2nd meeting and the turnout was fairly good. NUS PEACE seems pretty much back on track now and we wait to see what they have in store for us this year with a brand new team!
At the same time, we’ve pretty much bullied Say Lin into taking over the post as the new president of the group and he brings with him a clear passion to help the poor animals. Devil emoticon Facebook

We have also heard that there are quite a few cats at the Faculty of Business, of which one particular cluster might be in danger of getting culled if we do not move to get them neutered to control the population there.
I ask that if anyone hangs out at Business regularly and knows where the cats usually hang out, or even if you know someone else who does, that they please contact me so we can keep an eye out for the cats.

Finally, I received a call yesterday from Eusoff Hall regarding a cat that had somehow made its way into the dining hall and later been trapped by one the the cooks. We had released the cat around the area but will try our best to monitor the situation and arrange a time when we can attempt to trap the cats and to send them for neutering.
We will also have to see what suggestions we can offer the staff at the hall to avoid the cats getting into the kitchen/dining hall and causing a nuisance.

Till next time!

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