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August 17, 2011
by kevenang

NUS PEACE meeting!

Hi people!!

Hopefully I can better attempt to keep this blog updated after having been so quiet for a long time.

We had the first NUS PEACE meeting in some time yesterday and the turnout was pretty sweet.
With the old guard more or less gone except for Lydia hopefully we can bring in some new blood to keep the group running for another year.

As for the campus cats, overall things have been pretty quiet with the feeders just quietly going about their business as usual and thus there really isn’t much to say.

There has however been an incident over at Business where someone had come across 3 dead cats that were suspected to be poisoned but that is all we know for now.

That’s it for now and hopefully anyone who is interested in the campus cats will give me a kick every so often if I fail to keep this reasonably updated! :p

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