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January 16, 2011
by kevenang

1st Cat Cafe meeting for the year!

On the 5th on Jan we had our first Cat Cafe meeting of the year.

We had a few new faces attending and we hope that we will be able to place them soon and give them some responsibilities.

Most importantly, we found a potential helper for FASS. We hope to introduce her to Stephen soon so they can figure out a feeding schedule among themselves to ensure that the FASS cats are fed regularly. Also, we hope to find a couple more caregivers for FASS to help with monitoring the situation there.

Additionally, Ailian has helped us to carry out a partial survey of the FASS cats but  we are unsure which of these cats have been surveyed previously although all the cats she observed have been sterilized.

Finally, we have yet to establish any feeders or caregivers for the other faculties in NUS and hope to be able to do this eventually.

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