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December 7, 2010
by kevenang
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Cat Food Delivered!! =^..^=

So our new stock of cat food has finally arrived!!
Thanks to Elaine of lovekuching we have found a much cheaper supplier than the one whom we had been buying from previously.

Only S$185 for 2 15KG bags of Royal Canin Fit 32 as compared to the S$220 I used to pay!!

While it seems that many people agree that feeding cats a diet of only dry food (kibbles) is detrimental to their health it is a fact that dry food is easier to manage and store and also creates less of a mess. Factors that all need to be taken into consideration when feeding a number of strays over time. Furthermore, dry food is generally cheaper as compared to canned food and so what we have to do is to take care in choosing a brand of kibbles.

We used to feed the Science cats Friskies due to the fact that we can get it really really cheaply but it seems that the main ingredients are meal based products that serve to fill the cats up without really providing for their nutritional requirements. The reviews for Royal Canin are much better than those for Friskies and since we have been able to buy it at a moderate increase over what we used to pay, this is what we have been feeding them for the past half year. Granted the food isn’t the best choice as grains display prominently as a significant proportion of the ingredients but at least a form of protein is listed as its main ingredient!

Weighing the issues of cost and the health of the cats, Royal Canin is a reasonably priced kibble that provides better for their nutritional requirements without breaking the bank. Oh, and the cats seem to enjoy it too! 😀

Royal Canin Fit 32Royal Canin Fit32  Ingredients

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