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November 28, 2010
by kevenang

Fosterer found for Garfield! Monthly meeting coming up!

Yep! We managed to find some kind soul to foster Garfield for at least the next few days and hopefully he will be healed up enough after that to be sent for sterilization and following that we intend on releasing him at a new location where there are no known resident cats.

Also, we intend on having a monthly meeting session this coming Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm at University Hall Spinelli’s to discuss everything and anything about our campus cats. Do come and join us if you are free!
Details here.

November 26, 2010
by kevenang

Adding Complaints to Injury. :(

Unfortunately we have received some complaints regarding the cats at AS4. Not too sure what the issue is exactly but I have e-mailed the individuals involved and I hope we can settle the issue amicably without needing to have the cats removed. 🙂

The other major happening today involved the new orange tabby that “appeared” at Science last week. Weiling named him Garfield for want of a better name.
We found him injured today with a pretty bad wound on his head area. We have taken him to the vet but now have a massive headache over how to house him until we can get him neutered and returned to the campus setting (hopefully in a new location so that he doesn’t get into another nasty fight!). (Details here)
Pics of his injuries can be seen here but be warned that they are a bit graphic! (1 2 3 4)

November 22, 2010
by kevenang

New orange tabby cat spotted at Science!

We have noticed a new, unsterilized, male, orange tabby cat at Science since last Thursday.

New orange tabby spotted at Science!

Hopefully this is not our first case of dumping as he seems very domesticated and is unafraid to interact with humans in general.

He seems to have fought with Sasha and Fierce during the weekend and has since been chased away from the Science canteen where he had first been spotted. Unfortunately, he has now relocated to the benches at MD4/MD7 and has been harassing Panda and Blackie!

We will probably be trying to trap him and get him sterilized this coming Wednesday. =^..^=

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