It’s a wrap!

Hey everyone, Thanks for tuning in for the past few weeks and journeying with me as I discovered more on the way pop-culture and consumerism has impacted the environment. Over the past few weeks, I’ve learnt more about the way pop-culture has the ability to negatively influence consumers, whether intentionally or not, into developing practices […]

And Action!

Hey everyone, welcome back! As I’ve highlighted in my previous post, the environmental cost of producing films is high and it’s about time to take some decisive action in reducing the damage caused all in the name of entertainment. Film production brings damage in many forms, given a single production’s large scale and complexity. At […]

Disaster films: An environmental disaster?

Don’t we all love watching a good movie! Thriller, horror, action, comedy or romance — regardless of genre, I think we can all agree that good acting and special effects can really make or break a movie. As technology improves, graphics get better and scenes become increasingly realistic. While advancement of computer-generated imagery (CGI) has […]

What do you call the invention of CDs?

A DISC-overy!!!   Hey everyone! I heard that joke before and felt it was pretty funny so I thought I’d start off my post with that. Anyway, this week I’ll be refocusing back on my theme of consumerism/pop-culture and the environment. Growing up, I’ve always had shelves of CDs, DVDs and vinyl records around the […]

Pulau Semakau

Hey guys, today I thought I’d share with you a little bit about my experience at Pulau Semakau! About two weeks back my coursemates and I went on a field trip to Pulau Semakau which marked the start of our recess week. To get to the tiny island that’s located to the south of Singapore, […]

Part III: Sustainable travel

Hi again! Now, onto my final post to conclude this series. Hands up if you’ve heard of #IY2017! For those of you who haven’t, this hashtag refers to the International Year of Sustainable Tourism in 2017, as declared by UN World Tourism Organisation- perhaps the year that sustainable travel went mainstream . It’s time to […]

Part II: Offsetting jetsetting

Hi there! I hope your recess week has been one full of rest before the start of midterms (although I can’t say the same for myself). This week has been quite busy for me: I started the week with a very interesting field trip to Pulau Semakau (more on that to come), met a few […]

Part I: Wanderlust- really a wandermust?

A few days ago at the dinner table, my younger sister was showing our family photos of a picturesque sunset taken atop Mount Batur in Bali, Indonesia. Most Singaporeans who can afford it love to travel and are always looking for new destinations for their next long weekend. I mean, who wouldn’t hop an opportunity […]

Green is the new black?

Welcome back everyone, I hope you’ve had a great week so far! For those of you who are active on social media platforms such as Instagram, I’m sure you’ve probably noticed the rise of labels promoting eco-conscious products such as tote bags and tumblers on your timeline. I myself have come across a few advertisements […]