Presidential hopeful Farid Khan says his political independence is his asset

By Sheryl Teo

SINGAPORE, Aug 31 (Campus Eye) – Farid Khan, one of three individuals vying to run in Singapore’s presidential election, said his political independence meant he would be able to act in the interests of the population.

“You’ve already voted for the government, let them do their job. When you vote for a president, choose someone completely independent of a history in politics, so that what he or she decides is not of a biased agenda but genuinely for us,” said Farid, chairman of marine services provider Bourbon Offshore Asia.

When asked about his thoughts on the motivations behind Singapore having a reserved presidency for the first time, Farid said it was for the purpose of minority representation and national solidarity.

“But minority representation or not, the door is open for Singaporeans to vote for someone who will eventually represent the country,” said Farid.

Below is a video showing highlights of his interview with Campus Eye:

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