ASP.NET Advanced Grid View

ASP.NET’s GridView is great, but admittedly there are limitations to what it can do.

Some nice features which are missing include

  1. Advanced Search
  2. Print
  3. Save

I’ve written an advanced gridview class which is able to perform all these

GridView Design Mode

This gridview comes with the ability to

  • Display Create button which goes to another url when clicked
  • Save button to save all the records in the Gridview (yes all the records)
  • Print button to print all the records in the GridView (same as save button, but will pop up a new window to do the print)
  • Advanced Search which gives you “google like” search e.g using “+” , “-“, quotation marks to mark words as one key term, OR. e.g aaa bbb “”ccc ddd”” +eee -fff OR ggg

Custom properties defined in this Gridview allow you to customize the top search portion

GridView Additional Properties

Click here to download the class and use it in your code

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  2. I DL your zipfile, end converted all the cs to vb code, but then i discovered that there is no page with the grid itself….

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