Natural Habitat VS Urban Development

Conservation OR Construction

Loss of Habitat

The habitat is loss when it is not able to support the lives and this is usually caused by human activities (National Wildlife Federation 2015). There are three major types of habitat loss: habitat destruction, habitat fragmentation and habitat degradation (National Wildlife Federation 2015).


Habitat destruction is to wipe out the entire habitat such as clean up the forest to construct buildings (National Wildlife Federation 2015).


Figure 1: Habitat destruction (Sparkman 2015).


Habitat fragmentation is to break up the habitat or separate it such as building of roads in the forest (National Wildlife Federation 2015).


Figure 2: Habitat fragmentation which separates the animals away from mates and food (Haas 2013).


Habitat degradation is the destruction of the ecosystem as such the ecosystem is no longer able to support the native species (National Wildlife Federation 2015 and WWF Global 2015) such as pollution and induction of foreign species.

external species

Figure 3: Outdoor and feral cats that eat millions of birds including rare species (Valen 2015).


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  1. Interesting topic! Would be great if you can elaborate on how habitat loss affects ecosystems and the organisms that call it home 🙂

    Sandra your BES coursemate

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