My Research Group

Our research program on Medical Devices, Robotics, Imaging, and Simulations are supported by research grants from various sources. I am grateful to the support from the funding agencies as well as my collaborators and colleagues.

There are aspects of mechanics, electronics, computing and medicine in our work. Between 2011 and 2016, we have an almost equal distribution of publications in Engineering, Computer Science and Medicine (Source: SciVal – 26 July 2016):

Our work can be roughly categorized into the following areas: Imaging, vision, and graphics; Interaction, virtual/augmented reality, and simulations; Mechanics of tissue and biomedical materials; Medical devices; and Robotics. In many cases, our publications are related to two or more areas. For example, we derived a new constitutive model of liver organ so that tissue deformation can be simulated realistically in medical simulation, and accurate needle insertion can also be achieved in robot-assisted surgery.

  1. Chng Chin Boon, Research Associate
  2. Yin Jun Hao, Research Engineer
  1. Chng Chin Boon, PhD candidate (Mechanical Engineering) – supervisor
  2. Tan Xiaoyu, PhD candidate (Mechanical Engineering) – main supervisor
  3. Nicholas Ho, PhD candidate (Mechanical Engineering) – supervisor
  4. Wong Pooi Mun, PhD candidate (Mechanical Engineering) – supervisor
  5. Lee Yonggu, MEng student (Mechanical Engineering) – supervisor
  6. Zhang Qingang, PhD student (Mechanical Engineering) – main supervisor

In addition to the above students, the following students are based in the laboratories of my colleagues/collaborators under their supervisions:

  1. Liang Xinquan, PhD candidate (Mechanical Engineering) – main supervisor
  2. Muhammad Haiqal Bin Mahbod, PhD candidate (Mechanical Engineering) – co-supervisor
  3. Hoang Ngoc Son Sean, MEng student (Mechanical Engineering) – main supervisor

I also supervise master by coursework students on their research project modules, and undergraduate students on their final year projects.

  1. Chen Xuan, PhD candidate (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Machine Learning for multi-label segmentation of medical images – co-supervisor
  2. Ujjaval Gupta, PhD (Mechanical Engineering) 2018, Dynamics of dielectric elastomer actuators: modeling, experiments and applications – co-supervisor
  3. Tee Jing Zhong, MEng (Mechanical Engineering) 2018, Cable binding robot – supervisor
  4. Agus Pratondo, PhD (Electrical and Computer Engineering) 2016, Integrating machine learning with level set method for medical image segmentation – co-supervisor
  5. Duan Bin, PhD (Mechanical Engineering) 2016, Computer-aided and robot-assisted radiofrequency ablation of large liver tumor – main supervisor
  6. Ho Yick Wai, Yvonne, PhD (Mechanical Engineering) 2016, Patient-specific controller for an implantable artificial pancreas – supervisor
  7. Wu Jichuan, PhD (Mechanical Engineering) 2015, Fast physics-based simulation of vascular surgery – co-supervisor
  8. Chua Chin Heng, Matthew, PhD (Mechanical Engineering) 2015, Simulation-based design and material modeling for ENT implants – supervisor
  9. Cai Lile, PhD (Electrical and Computer Engineering) 2015, Importance-driven transfer function design for volume visualization of medical images – co-supervisor
  10. Yang Tao, PhD (Mechanical Engineering) 2015, Human-robot collaboration in robotic-assisted surgical training – main supervisor
  11. Lee Chun Siong, PhD (Mechanical Engineering) 2015, Training and assessment of hand-eye coordination with electroencephalography – supervisor
  12. Xiong Linfei, PhD (Mechanical Engineering) 2014, Variational methods for modeling and simulation of tool-tissue interaction – main supervisor
  13. Tay Wei Liang, PhD (Electrical and Computer Engineering) 2014, Computational intelligence methods for medical image understanding, visualization, and interaction – co-supervisor
  14. Choo Jun Quan, MEng (Mechanical Engineering) 2013, Laryngeal microsurgery – characterization of magnesium-based microclips for wound closure – main supervisor
  15. Wu Zimei, PhD (Mechancial Engineering) 2013, Mathematical models with delays for glucose-insulin regulation and applications in artificial pancreas – main supervisor
  16. Wen Rong, PhD (Mechancial Engineering) 2013, Projection-based spatial augmented reality for interactive visual guidance in surgery – main supervisor
  17. Huang Wei Hsuan, PhD (Mechanical Engineering) 2013, Investigation of heat therapies using multi-scale models and statistical methods – main supervisor
  18. Nguyen Phu Binh, PhD (Electrical and Computer Engineering) 2012, Visualization of large medical data – co-supervisor
  19. Fu Yabo, PhD (Mechanical Engineering) 2012, Quantitative elasticity imaging and soft tissue characterization using tagged magnetic resonance imaging – main supervisor
  20. Li Bingnan, PhD (NUS Graduate School for Integrative Science and Engineering) 2011, Level set methods for MRE image processing and analysis – co-supervisor
  21. Chng Chin Boon, MEng (Mechanical Engineering) 2011, Design and experimentation of surgical devices for voice restoration – supervisor
  22. Yang Liangjing, MEng (Mechanical Engineering) 2010, Design-centric method for an augmented reality robotic surgery – supervisor
  23. Yang Tao, MEng (Mechanical Engineering) 2010, Nonlinear viscoelastic properties and constitutive modeling of blood vessel – supervisor
  24. Nader Hamzavi Zarghani, MEng (Mechanical Engineering) 2009, Modeling and simulation of an active robotic device for flexible needle insertion – supervisor
  25. Leong Ching Ying, Florence, MEng (Mechanical Engineering) 2009, Modeling and analysis of a new integrated radiofrequency ablation and devision device – co-supervisor
  26. Ong Shin Kiat, Jackson, MEng (Mechanical Engineering) 2008, Haptics interfacing technologies for use in spinal surgery – main supervisor