As I was walking around JCube after dinner today, I noticed this small noticeboard on the ground floor of the building. It was a small display, no more than up to my waist height, that attempted to educate the public about the efforts the shopping centre took to make it more sustainable. There were four segments that gave facts and figures regarding the energy efficiency, water efficiency, innovative green features and environmental protection of the buildings. The fact that the management of the building makes an effort to educate the public on the building’s green features is commendable and this initiative should be done in more locations around the island, so that public awareness on this issue is enhanced.


Granted the management made a conscious effort to educate the public, the application of their efforts was sorely lacking. Firstly, the noticeboard was in an inconspicuous location, beside a set of automatic doors that were no longer in operation. Personally I have been to JCube numerous times and today was the first time that I actually noticed this display. There are so many better locations to situate this noticeboard, where it is more easily noticeable to a higher volume of foot traffic. Secondly, the fact that it was extremely small compounded the effect of it being extremely hard to spot. It was barely at my waist level and I had to bend down to read the bottom part of the display, making it extremely inconvenient for the casual shopper to notice. Lastly, the facts and figures presented had little impact on me. I knew how much water is saved and that energy efficient appliances and features are installed throughout the shopping centre, but I do not actually get to see them or the long-term impact. These numbers could be presented in a more easily comprehensible way that the general public can understand.

Overall, it is definitely heartening to see building management taking the initiative to educate the public about their own green initiatives. However, the application of the idea left much to be desired and it seems like the display was just left there, amidst the rebranding and renovation works in the mall. Much effort still needs to be made to educate more members of the general public on this issue and everyone needs to play their part. Hopefully more shopping centres and public buildings can follow JCube’s lead and building sustainability in Singapore will increase.

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