What is the BCA Green Mark?

Global warming is one of many issues that the global population faces today. Singapore, like all other countries, has to do its part to help combat this problem. Many organisations in Singapore are stakeholders when it comes to solving this increasingly alarming problem, the BCA is no different.

As evidenced from its website and I quote, “As Singapore aspires to be a leading global city in environmental sustainability, there is scope to further improve on energy efficiency requirements in buildings, to address the impact on climate change.” 1

This has resulted in the need to regulate buildings in Singapore to be environmentally sustainable. The BCA has constantly enhanced the Building Control Act and since 15 April 2008 has implemented the Building Code (Environmental Sustainability) Regulations in the hope that there will be a minimum environmental sustainability standard for new and existing buildings that undergo major retrofitting.  This code applies to all buildings with gross floor area above 2000m2, additions or extensions to buildings with gross floor area of 2000m2 or more and building works that require major retrofitting with gross floor area of 2000m2 or more. 1

Beginning in 2008, BCA has constantly updated the criteria and codes for the Green Mark scheme, with the first version implemented in 2008, and with revisions in 2010 and 2012. The latest Code for Environmental Sustainability for Buildings was released in October 2012. It spells out requirements for the various different buildings and includes the various scoring criteria in which the Green Mark is awarded, such as water and energy efficiency, as well as environmental protection and indoor air quality. 2

Further information on the BCA Green Mark will be posted soon as well as further analysis of the scheme.


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