Building Sustainability in Singapore, an Introduction

Sustainability is definitely a buzzword nowadays when during discussions about the environment. In view of the latest global environment crises the earth is facing, such as global warming, the world population has become much more aware of the need to put in place practices or to innovate in order to save our precious home. This has resulted in the term sustainable development being coined. The Brundtland Report defines the term as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 1 Many countries are now aware of the need to consider their environmental footprint and impact and are thus devising new strategies in order to continue to develop without too adverse an impact on the global environment.

Singapore is no different. Organisations such as the National Environment Agency (NEA) have continuously implemented different policies and measures to control problems such as water pollution and air pollution. These include guidelines for vehicle emissions of harmful gases as well as controlling noise pollution from various worksites and construction sites.

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Another aspect of environmental sustainability is building sustainability. As the quote by Rick Fedrizzi goes, there is definitely a future for green buildings. Hence, this blog will focus on a relatively new initiative rolled out by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), the BCA Green Mark Scheme and how it aims to promote and increase the number of green buildings in Singapore and hence increase the sustainability, and more specifically building sustainability, in this concrete jungle. 

BCA Green Mark


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