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Abandoning binaries, embracing perspectives

September 2, 2009 by charleneong · 1 Comment · Passage to India

While I was thinking about the divisions between colonists/colonized or West/East, it struck me how humans have this need for easy categorizations. Fanon says “It is the colonist who fabricated… the colonized subject” (2). The image of the colonized is created in opposition to the colonist. “The ruling species is first and foremost the outsider […]

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Of embracing fear and the crisis of representation

August 20, 2009 by charleneong · 1 Comment · General Thoughts on Modernism

Embracing Fear What strikes me about Levine’s “Ruling the Empire” and Gikandi’s “Picasso, Africa, and the Schemata of Difference” is the fear of natives and their possible influence on the West. Fear of the alleged savagery and lack of civilization of these “lesser peoples” (Levine 105) form part of the basis for the West’s civilizing […]

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Thoughts on Modernism

August 20, 2009 by hoyuying · 2 Comments · General Thoughts on Modernism

Just some thoughts on the nature of Modernist art and literature. The Gikandi reading really made me realise that when we think of Modernist art and literature, our reading of it is often subconsciously framed by the assumption that writers or artists who incorporate the Other/Orient/colonised in their work are sympathetic to them. For me […]

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Silencing and the assertion of power

August 20, 2009 by ritchellchoong · 1 Comment · General Thoughts on Modernism

The Gikandi reading made me deeply aware of the fact that in fighting for a new kind of art that would rival their predecessors, Modernist artists necessarily have deny and subjugate another marginal group so as to assert some kind of individual power/strength. Despite the various meditations, to me, Picasso’s “avant-garde” technique is really just […]

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