Historical Intrigues

The thing that I got most out of this week’s reading was a general rundown of the British empire in India. It was very intriguing, for instance, to find out that the East India Company was one of the first transnational corporations the world has seen. After reading an article by Myoshi about how transnational corporations are the new imperialism I found this history of the EIC quite fascinating.

Also, there was another quote that I really enjoyed. “The close ties-political, military, geographical, economic-exemplify the interconnection of imperial interest and ixpansion, each colony influencing and shaping other British possessions. I feel that this is very true. The effects can even be seen today. Just taking Singapore as an example, there is still a hefty amount of interaction between Singapore, India, and Malaysia, all three of which were British colonies. There are similarities between these three countries and Hong Kong, parts of Africa, and parts of the Carribbean, too. Another example I have seen, and which the article mentioned, is how in later years of British India, native police officers were sent to other British colonies to keep the peace. This brought India’s culture to Hong Kong (which was where I first saw a picture of it in a museum. It was something I hadn’t realized). The direct interaction between colonies has resulted in many cultural barriers being crossed.

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