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Uprisings in the Middle East and the Rising Price of Oil

By Nathan Priest

Middle East Insight 22

At times it is difficult to make sense of American and European foreign policies, especially those concerning war and military intervention. Why have the US and its allies chosen not to intervene in the many internecine conflicts of sub-Saharan Africa in decades past? Why are uprisings in Thailand and a military junta in Myanmar marginal to their policy? Today we ask why the US intervened in Libya, while standing quietly by as the Khalifa regime in Bahrain crushes an uprising at home. There is a logical assumption to be made of US behavior – and indeed that of any modern developed nation. That is, the centrality of oil in driving their decisions.

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Nathan Priest is a senior trader working for a major financial firm in Singapore. He has traded most products including cash, short-term interest rate products, foreign exchange, equities, long-term interest rate swaps, derivatives, and bonds. He can be reached at admin@boursetheorist.com. The views expressed herein are his own.