Blogging about animal behaviour (2010)

LSM1303 Animal Behaviour student posts

Animals are Homosexual ?!?

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Animals are homosexual? You must be kidding!!! This is probably the reaction that most people will give when they hear this statement. Homosexuality itself is a topic that can be rather taboo. Even considering homosexuality in animals, would thus probably stir much controversy. The strong Darwinist concept of animals teaches that animals only have sex […]

Neck in Neck!

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Giraffes (Giraffidae Giraffa camelopardalis) are known to be the tallest animal in the world, with distinct long necks and long grasping tongues that can extend up to 18 inches to munch on the inner leaves of trees. However, did you know that early age giraffes were more deer life with shorter necks? Then how did […]