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    1. Limit to only Full-Text. 2. Check NUS Libraries Holdings. At the 2 library sessions held recently at Hon Sui Sen Memorial Libray’s Training Room, our students wanted to know how to get the full-text of articles. You see, Business Source Premier, this wonderfully popular business databases, does not have full-text to all its articles […]

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  • Once a Sssher, Always a Sssher…

    One lovely afternoon, out in the quiet corridors of academia, a burst of laughter and noisy chatter filled the still, humid air. Students in baggy T-shirts and shorts were running around playing all sorts of games and obviously, having great fun. Ahh… orientation has started … Just as the old TNL was chuckling with colleagues, recalling past orientation games […]

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  • What You Put In Your Bibliography

    One fine day, a very supportive and extremely focused Vice Dean wanted to know whether his first years used academic databases for a particular assignment. You see, the students were supposed to write on something current with a Singapore focus. He didn’t want a Google deal. “Its about time they started on academic databases. By the time they get to FYP, […]

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  • Baloney Online

    On Monday, 25 April, a newspaper ran an article about detecting baloney online. Actually, what caught TNL’s attention was the first word/verb of the headline –  “Teach people to detect baloney online”. Unfortunately, the silly old girl thought she was going to be reading the “hows” of detection. Not quite, it seems. The article says […]

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  • Changes

    When a particular business library went through the process of renovation, the staff of the library faced a process of change too. The most obvious was managing the renovation work which was an astounding new experience of dealing with architects, estate officers, contractors, sub-contractors, electricians, workers and cleaners.  On top of all that, library staff […]