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    Time flies. You’re just starting to enjoy the school vacation and it’s almost time to slog again. Since you’re hardworking enough to check out this blog, I’m going to reward you with a tip! Check out the 63 subject guides prepared by our diligent librarians; it’s a good place to begin if you’re just starting to do “proper research” for your assignments. Here’s a […]

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  • Oh, Sweet, Sweet Silence…

    TNL lost her voice. It may have been somewhere between Sentosa and Upper Bukit Timah. Very likely between Sunday afternoon and evening. And no, it wasn’t typically careless of her. She doesn’t quite lose it often. The loss, as you can imagine, was an inconvenience the poor old girl would rather not have. What is a librarian without her voice? A […]

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  • I “Heart” Google

    Contrary to what many think, there are librarians who love Google. I, for one, can’t imagine life without it. I use Google several times a day to verify citations, unearth nuggets of information, read reviews and pursue my hobbies. I have colleagues who are such power users of Google that watching them will leave some of […]