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1. Singapore Statistics Guide 2. Statistics Page in Strategy & Policy Subject Guide  Once upon a time, a very perplexed-looking MBA student came to us asking where he could get lots of statistics for his BMA5002A assignment. Lots of it. Any type of stats but lots of it. Well, what are librarians good for if not for producing […]

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Statistics and Lots of It

TNL was minding her own busy business, preparing to give an overview of statistical databases to her PhDs, when she remembered a funny story she could not resist not telling. One day, while again minding her own business (TNL minds that quite a bit), a graduate student from faraway Europe asked for statistics. She wanted to prove […]

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Can you hear that? No? Shhh… listen…. Nothing? Nothing at all? It’s the sound that a vacation makes. No students, no lecturers and the best of all, two of my bosses are on leave. Yes, this is the State of Beautiful Bliss, population 1, capital city, TNL. But admittedly, quiet bliss only goes so far. […]

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