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Easy as Pie: Library Portal Virtual Challenge

The Library Portal Virtual Challenge ended on Oct 19. A whopping 452 of you entered the challenge, with 78% scoring 8 out of 10 and above! Well done! Seems like the portal challenge was not much of a challenge for some after all!

Graph for LPVC

We hope you had a little bit of fun figuring out the answers and also learnt some useful things at the same time. Do continue to explore our FAQ and Library Instruction pages (available from the top menu bar in the portal) if you have questions or simply contact us via our Chat service (under Contact Us).

We endeavor to improve our library portal continually to meet your needs so do share with us any suggestions or feedback that you think would help!

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for- who are the winners of the Library Portal Virtual Challenge Lucky Draw?

Prize Winner
1st iPod Nano 8GB Luo Yilin
2nd Nikon Coolpix L23 Digital Camera Li Yuanda
3rd Creative ZEN X-Fi Pocket Media player (8GB) Lim Jhin Jieh

And the following students received consolation prizes ($20 Kino Vouchers):

  • Quek Chee Keong – A0088190Y
  • Xu Enliang- HT090480M
  • Aparna Raman- A0088385M
  • Teh Shi Hui- A0084884M
  • Huang Kefeng- HT081069H
  • Wong Seik Man- A0074515H
  • Tan Wen Bin Clement- A0086540E
  • Cong Jin- A0091843B
  • Miko Chang May Lee- A0074564Y
  • Sneha Girish Tilak- U077443H

Congratulations to all prize winners. And finally, to all dear students: here’s wishing you the very best for your exam revisions!

E-Resource Discovery in a Whole New Way!

Our annual E-Resource Discovery Day took place on Oct 7th this year and many of the library vendors came to the forum, set up their booths and got ready to show NUS students and staff how they could effectively use the treasure trove of electronic resources available through the library.


Throughout the day, many students came and interacted with the vendors, learning and getting goodie bags at the same time. There were also lunchtime performances by Deon Toh, Alpha Verve and the NUS LindyHoppers.

Alpha Verve

Lindy Hoppers

In all, the event attracted about 550 NUS students and staff. Many who came by were pleasantly surprised at our extensive e-resources and were glad that they had the opportunity to learn about these in a fun way. Through ERDD and its related activities (e.g. the pre-event online quiz, the event day Treasure Hunt, etc.), we really hope to increase awareness amongst the NUS community of the resources available to them and from there, usage as well.

Prize winners for the various competitions and draws are:

1. Treasure Hunt (Hands-on e-resource day competition)

Prize Winner
1st ASUS netbook (UBS) Kartik Ramadoss
2nd iPod Touch (8GB) (Sage) Wynn Lei Phyu             
3rd Creative Zen MX Pocket Media player (8GB) Ahmad Ibrahim
4th iPod Shuffle (2GB) (Emerald) Joyce Chua Cheng Siew
5th WD  Hard Drive (500GB) (Emerald) Vasanth Natarajan                
6th Sonic Gear Speaker Tatoo 202 + HP flash drive (8GB) (Emerald) Lim Guan Hui                       

2. Grand Lucky Draw

Prize Winner
1st Samsung Galaxy Ace Smart Phone & Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset- VH110 (Emerald) Gao Jie
2nd Canon Powershot A3100 (Emerald) Muthuswamy Sathishkumar 034338
3rd iPod Touch (8GB) (Wiley-Blackwell) Lu Ling
4th $100 Kinokuniya vouchers (Kinokuniya) Zhang Chen
5th Altec Lansing inMotion Compact Portable Speaker (Cengage) Ma Wen Jing
6th Creative Zen M300 MP3 player (8GB) Solomon Heng
7th G-Shark Digital Mobile speaker GS-S880 & Philips Sweat-proof ear phones (Emerald) Akshaya Gautham
8th Buffalo Hard Drive (500GB) (Elsevier) Chandrasekar Jayaraj
9th iPod Shuffle (2GB) (Taylor & Francis) Ang Luan Xiang
10th Creative Zen Style M100  MP3 player (4GB) Abhijit Badwe
11th HP laptop bag (Emerald) Hung Kai Chee
12th Lexma Wireless Bluetrace mouse (Emerald) Tran Phuong Quynh
  3M Mystery Prize worth over $200 Cheng Yuan

3. Online Quiz Draw

Prize Winner
1st Casio Exlim 12.1 mega pixels digital camera (IEEE) Peck Fang Rui Lina
2nd Buffalo Hard Drive (500GB) (Elsevier) Michelle Thoo Wei Shan
3rd Sony NWZ-W252 MP3 Player (2GB) (Springer) Cheng Zehan
4th $50 Kinokuniya vouchers (Kinokuniya) Vaibhav Maheshwari
5th SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive (16GB) Tan Zhi Qi


Congratulations to our winners and enjoy your prizes! Check out more photos here and stay tuned for the post on our Fundraising Book & Garage Sale!

Library Portal Virtual Challenge & More

It’s been over 2 months since we launched our new portal and many of you have emailed with suggestions and comments. We thank you for your kind comments and please know that we consider every suggestion seriously. The interest of our users always comes first and with this in mind, we continue to fine-tune and enhance our portal.

To help you make full use of the features in the library portal, we have created a series of short video clips that you can view. We have also created added an FAQ to the new portal guide for questions we have received in these 2 months.

Now for a little bit of fun.

Virtual Videos & a Virtual Challenge

It’s time to show us what you know! Take our Library Portal Virtual challenge and you stand to win:

Top 3 Prizes:

1st: iPod Nano (8GB)

2nd: Nikon Coolpix L23 Digital Camera

3rd: Creative ZEN X-Fi Portable Media Player (8GB)

Consolation Prizes:

10 sets of Kinokuniya vouchers ($20 each)

The challenge ends on Oct 19th, Wed (6 pm) and winners will be notified via email.

For help with the challenge, view the videos or come by to the Library booth on ERDD 2011 (Central Forum- Oct 6th, Thur).

Start the Virtual Challenge Now!

E-Resource Discovery Day 2011


NUS Libraries is happy to bring to NUS staff and students E-Resource Discovery Day 2011 (ERDD) to be held on 6th October at the Central Library Forum. As always, we have exciting activities lined up for NUS staff and students! For those of you who are wondering what you can get out of ERDD, here is a guide of things to do:

1.       Work ’em brains and win great prizes!

Your ERDD journey can start today. We have an Online Quiz which will be open until 5th October. Take part to win a chance to enter our lucky draw! The first prize is a digital camera and it awaits its new owner! Stand a chance to win other prizes by participating in vendor-run quizzes too.

For those into keen competition, we will have our E-Resources Treasure Hunt to be conducted on the day itself (6th October). The grand prize is an ASUS Netbook; space is limited so do register quickly! Expect keen competition from your fellow competitors!
Hint: To get a headstart, start exploring our library portal and subscribed databases on your own from today!

You can also get a goody bag if you complete a series of e-resource tasks at the Forum on 6 October. There are limited numbers of goody bag so do come early! One bag per participant only.

2.       Discover resources for your research and assignments!

NUS Libraries subscribes to thousands of electronic resources. Unlike physical books or journals, E-Resources may get hidden in the big virtual world. Here is a chance for you to acquaint yourself with your relevant resources. The major e-resource vendors will be on site to answer any queries you may have.  Already an avid e-resource user you say? No worries! If you want to know how to get more out of your favourite resource, approach the vendor for details as well!

3.       Be entertained and make some noise through social media!

Yummy lunchtime aural and visual treats are in store for you! We have the ever gravity defying Alpha Verve, NUS’ own very musically talented Deon Toh (Original Music Society), and a gang with extremely happy feet, the LindyHoppers, all performing live just for you!

Our roving social media team will be out and about capturing moments during ERDD. Come tell your friends what you did and got at the E-Resource Discovery Day events/booths!  “LIKE” NUS Libraries Facebook page, tag yourself to your photo and share your thoughts about the event to get our popular highlighter set! Also, each participant stands a chance to win a Lomo camera in a lucky draw!

4.       Do your bit for a good cause… shop till you drop at the book and garage sale!

We are sure you have been hearing the phrase that the economy is not doing well pretty much daily on various news channels these days (if you have trouble keeping up with the news, please do try our Factiva database for your daily news articles J ). As such, our popular Book Sale is back to offer you cheap books (from as low as $1). In addition, we will have a garage sale as well this year. Proceeds from the sale will be given to the NUS Annual Giving Bursary for needy NUS students. The book and garage sale will last for two days, on 6 and 7 October. Slightly more than $6000 was raised from last year’s book sale. We hope to top this amount this year.

Quick Tip: Bring your own bag (or bags) and help save the environment by not using plastic bags. Check out our Facebook page for sneak peeks of titles that you can expect to find. We will not know where they will be located on sale days so do search our shelves thoroughly on the two days. The Book Donation Drive is ongoing and will end on 30th September 2011.

E-Resource Discovery Day 2011 Website

For further details such as contest registration, programme, prizes, terms & conditions, do check out the ERDD website: http://bit.ly/ERDD2011.

E-Resource Discovery Day 2011 Committee
NUS Libraries

Knowledge without Boundaries, Charity with a Cause

On the morning of Sept 16th, many of the library vendors came to the forum, set up their booths and got ready to usher in E-Resource Discovery Day 2010 (ERDD). They were ready to teach NUS students and staff how they could effectively use the wealth of electronic resources available through the library in their studies and research.


Throughout the day, a constant flow of students came and interacted with the vendors, learning and getting goodies at the same time. Some students visited every booth while some just preferred to have detailed sessions with vendors specializing in their subject areas. There were also performances (Deon & our Library dancers), lucky draws and of course, everyone’s favourite Milo van!


prize winner

In all, the event attracted more than 600 NUS students and staff. Many who came by lauded our extensive e-resources and were glad that they had the opportunity to ask questions. Through ERDD, we hope that each person who came by left with a little bit more knowledge about our abundant resources and a lot more assurance that the Library is there for them.

Prize winners for the various competitions and draws are:

(1)    Treasure Hunt (Hands-on e-resource day competition)



1st Prize: Acer Aspire One Netbook (Emerald) Karthik Ramadoss
2nd Prize: Canon Ixus 105 Digital Camera (UBS) Lei Zhao
3rd Prize: iPod Nano 8GB Kuek Qi Min
4th Prize: Logitect Wireless Presenter (World Scientific Press) Eugene Chong Jia Jun
5th Prize: $50 Challenger voucher (Oxford University Press) Tan Li Peng

(2)    Grand Lucky Draw


1st Prize: iPod Touch 8GB (Emerald) Bori Ige
2nd Prize: iPod Nano 8GB (@mire) Shruti Pavagadhi
3rd Prize: $150 Takashimaya Vouchers (Elsevier) Nham Xuan Nam
4th Prize: Zen X-Fi Style 8GB Swetha S.
5th Prize: WD 500 GB External Hard Drive (EBSCO) Li Heng
6th Prize: $100 Kinokuniya Vouchers (Kinokuniya) Gao Yan
7th Prize: iPod Shuffle 2GB (Emerald) Chen Zhixian, Calvin
8th Prize: 16GB Thumbdrive (Thomson Reuters) Jasmine Chen
9th Prize: Sensonic Cordless Headset (Emerald) Lim Wan Jun
10th Prize: X-Mini II Capsule Speaker (Emerald) Sun Xue

(3)    Bonus Draw (By Oxford University Press)

1st Prize: Creative Zen 300 4GB MP3/MP4 player Bragadesh Rajaraman
2nd Prize: HP 320GB Portable Hard Drive Manali A.D.
3rd Prize: SanDisk 16 GB Flash Drive Anandhkumar Raju
4th Prize: Sennheiser HD201 headphones Chandrani Sarma

(4)    Online Quiz Draw

1st Prize: iPod Nano 8GB Desai Parind Mahendrakumar
2nd Prize: Zen X-Fi Style 8GB Sun Li Feng
3rd Prize: 500 GB External Hard Drive (Wiley-Blackwell) Lim Yong Hao
4th Prize: $50 Kinokuniya vouchers (Kinokuniya) Karthik Ramadoss
5th Prize: 8GB Thumbdrive (Thomson Reuters) Charissa Lu Lishi

(5)    Elsevier ScienceDirect & Scopus Online Quiz 

Prize: Dell Inspirion Netbook Felix Chang Tay

 (6)    Mystery Prize (Springer)

Prize: Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera Nikhil Nelson

Congratulations to our winners and enjoy your prizes! More photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nuslibraries/sets/72157624831793852/

Making Connections with the NUS Community

Oct 14 was our long awaited E-Resource Discovery Day and it was a day when almost 800 NUS students and staff learnt about our subscribed e-resources, received goodie bags, entered lucky draws, enjoyed free Milo and food and of course supported us in our fundraising book and food sales!

 Book sale

This year, we had 21 vendors exhibiting and educating students about our e-resources, a much bigger turnout compared to the 10 of last year. To encourage learning, students and staff were given quiz sheets that required them to get answers by talking to the vendors. Each completed sheet entitled them to a goodie bag and a lucky draw ticket.

 vendor and users

Feedback from both vendors and students were generally positive. Vendors felt that the level of interaction this year was definitely higher and this gave them an opportunity to share about the best way to use their products. Feedback collected from students also indicated that they found the event useful and would visit again next year. We also received many great suggestions on how we can make the event even better next year.

Fundraising Food & Book Sale

Our efforts raised a total of $2250.15 for the NUS Students’ Fund. On behalf of the needy students who will benefit from this, we thank those who donated their books to us as well as those who bought them. Without your support, this would not have been possible. A cheque of this amount was presented to the NUS Students’ Fund last Friday.

Books that did not sell will be donated to the following causes:

  • The Salvation Army
  • Schools in Bago City, Philippines (through NUS Students’ Union Volunteer Action Committee’s (NVAC) Project Big Hands, Bigger Hearts 5)
  • Project SAIL (Books to South Africa through NUS Students’ Fund)



No. of Participants

Pre Event Online Quiz 256
Event Day hands-on E-resource competition (Treasure Hunt) 19
Grand Draw entrants & Goodie Bags redeemed Approx 400
Food & Book Sale supporters Approx 400


Prize Winners

We congratulate the following staff and students who participated in our various activities and won. We also want to thank the vendors who generously supplied the gifts.



Online Quiz

1st Prize: An iPod nano 8gb Lee Zhiwei, David
2nd Prize: Buffalo 2.5 250GB Hard Drive Wong Yim Hwa
3rd Prize: An iPod Shuffle 1GB Cheng Yonggang
4th Prize: $60 Kinokuniya vouchers Dennis Puk Leung Kong
5th Prize: $40 Kinokuniya vouchers Eugene Yong Zhi Jie


Treasure Hunt

1st Prize: A Nintendo Wii Set Sivanand Somasundam
2nd Prize: An iPod nano 16gb Wong Yim Hwa
3rd Prize: Nikon Coolpix L20 Ang Soo Kuang
Consolation Hampers Mukta Bansal
Rajiv Ramnath
Dr Imelda Krisiani Tjandra
Gao Shang
Tan Li Peng


Grand Draw

1st Prize: An iPod Touch 8gb Nor Hisham Bin Mustapha
2nd Prize: An iPod nano 16gb Wang Wen
3rd Prize: An iPod nano 8gb Alex Teng
4th Prize: Buffalo 2.5” 320GB Hard Drive Chia Phai Ann
5th Prize: Zen Mozaic 4gb Pinky Rusli
6th Prize: Zen Mozaic 2gb Wong Wai Yee
7th Prize: $50 Kinokuniya Vouchers Wong Chin Hao
8th Prize: Creative EP-630 Headphones Lim Soh Keow           


To view more pictures of the event, please click here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nuslibraries/sets/72157622463582699/

We look forward to another educational E-Resource Discovery Day next year and your continued support!

Life-Long Library Etiquette

Note: Contest information below

One of the remarks on the Comments panel of our Library Etiquette Displays reads “Library Etiquette Month??? Does that mean next month don’t need etiquette in the library??!!!”. Yikes!! That is definitely not what we meant. To the contrary in fact. We want the users to observe library etiquette at all times when they are in the library!

Library Etiquette Month starts March 23rd and will run till April 17th. In this month, we hope to highlight to library users, through the use of posters, hanging ceiling art and a modest display, the desired behavior within a library setting. We hope that this knowledge will be internalized by users and brought along with them even after the campaign ends (especially during exam period).

The two main messages of the campaign are firstly, to keep the library clean by not eating in inappropriate places and disposing of one’s trash in the right manner and secondly, to keep the noise level low.

There have been many instances of bemused library staff finding users with overflowing  sandwiches/burgers/fried bee hoon (!!!??), etc. munching noisily in the quiet areas, oblivious to the stares of annoyed users around them. We think it is quite a universal sentiment that we do not like a library that smells like or one that looks like a hawker centre, fast food joint or canteen…and the noise we do not need either!

Our plea: Please finish your food outside the library before coming in- it’s the considerate thing to do.

As much as we try to create a quiet and conducive environment for users, we greatly need your help to ensure that it remains so. Talking loudly and endlessly with friends or having cell phones ringing or beeping all the time within the library destroys this peaceful environment we try to create and again, makes it frustrating for your fellow library users.

Our plea: Library users value a quiet environment where they can think and study- respect that and either talk softly or if you cannot, do it outside the library.

We hope that as the exam period approaches, we will see real improvement in these two areas. Ultimately, we want users like you to really benefit from being with us.

We know students get hungry and thirsty and we know students like talking with their friends. There are places set aside to do all these. So let’s work together and create a conducive library for everyone!


Have something to say about library etiquette? This is your chance! Take part in our campaign contest and you might just win yourself a goodie bag full of stationery!

Contest Requirements:

Contestants will write a paragraph (max 400) on the 3 types of behavior they want to see OR don’t want to see in the library and these entries can be emailed to clbky@nus.edu.sg.

Period of submission: March 23rd to April 8th

The top 10 most original and humorous entries will win attractive stationery goodie bags and there will also be 10 consolation prizes. All winning entries will be posted on our LINUS blog (http://blog.nus.edu.sg/linus/) as well as on our exhibition panels by April 13th, Monday. Winners will also be notified via email.

Submit your entry today!!!

NUS Libraries Present E-Resource Discovery Day 2008!

Come join us on Tuesday September 9th, from 10am to 5pm for a time of fun, discovery, and excitement at our E-Resource Discovery Day!

This event will take place at the Central Library forum with E-Resource vendors showcasing NUS Libraries’ databases, E-books, E-journals.  We’ll also be giving away lots of freebies! Gain knowledge, be entertained, and win fantastic prizes like iPod nanos, MP3 players, laptop bags, book vouchers, flash drives, optical mice, etc., when you participate in our lucky draws and event day E-resource Treasure Hunt!

For those who want to find out more about specific databases, come attend the impeccable series of seminars lined up for you! These 30-minute vendor presentations will touch on the scope, coverage, and strengths of various electronic resources. Attendees will also be given tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of their searches. Some of the E-resources that will be highlighted are: Business Source Premier, Scopus, Web of Science, Engineering Village 2, Proquest Dissertations & Theses, LexisNexis Academic and the list goes on!

Qualified participants of the online E-resource quiz will be entered into our lucky draws and will stand to win the following prizes: 2 Apple iPod nanos, a $100 Kinokuniya voucher, a Sony MP3 player, a funky laptop bag and more!

Participants of our event day Treasure Hunt stand to win an Asus Eee PC, an iPod nano, Borders giftcards and other attractive prizes – you just have to be the one to find the treasure first!

Visit http://www.lib.nus.edu.sg/nus/eresourceday2008/index.html, our event website for more details on our performances, talks, lucky draws as well as sign up for our Treasure Hunt!