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Locate Your Textbooks in One Click

This is J.

J is at Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library.

J is looking for the textbook for ACC1006 Accounting Information Systems.

J takes out his smartphone. J clicks on a square of pixels.


J looks at his smartphone. The title of the book and its call number appear.


J goes to the RBR shelves. J looks for the call number of the book. J borrows the book.

Yay for J!


You have just read how QR codes can help you locate a textbook of one of the 10 Level 1 Business foundation modules.

Yup, folks. With smartphones and QR codes, suddenly, locating books at libraries got a tad easier and faster.

HSSML is piloting this project and hope you give us your feedback on it. Leave your comments here.

Other QR codes stuff we are doing – check out our journals collection.

MNO1001X and MKT1003X Exam Papers

Looking for past year’s exam papers for BIZ modules MNO1001X (Management & Organizatrion) and MKT1003X (Marketing)?
Search the Exam Papers database BUT with the module code MNO1001 and MKT1003 – that is, without the X at the end.
In the past years, these modules did not have the X at the end of the module. Search for it as it was coded then. Without the X.

1. Go to NUS Libraries portal (http://www.lib.nus.edu.sg).



2. Click on Exam Papers. Enter the module code.

exam papers tab


3. Login using your NUSNET ID or Computer ID and password.



4. Select the paper by clicking on any of the blue links.



5. Click on View the attached PDF file.



Sometimes you don’t get the paper because the paper was not released to the library. In such cases, please contact your lecturer.