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  • What Have Medical Librarians Been Working On?

    Now that Medical Library has moved to the new Centre for Translational Medicine (CeTM) since December 2011, and opened a 24-hour reading area in January 2012, what are the Medical Librarians up to? Well, suffice to say, we’re not resting on our laurels but working with great zest! We followed up on outstanding building and facilities matters, and continued on our […]

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  • We Have Moved!

    In October 2011, Medical Library wrote a blog post before moving to new premises. We are glad to announce that we have successfully moved to level 5 of the Centre for Translational Medicine (M6). Here are two photos capturing the the move: The new Medical Library consists mainly of the book collection, reading area, two small discussion rooms, a 30-seat training room and a main […]

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  • Medical Library: Renewed

    When Medical Library moved out of MD6 in 2007 for the impending demolition of the building, many students, staff and alumni were saddened by the loss of a place which held many fond memories for them. Since then, Medical Library has been co-locating with Science Library at S6. Meanwhile, MD6 was demolished and rebuilt into the Centre For […]