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Book Review – The Last Chinese Chef

The Last Chinese Chef by Nicole Mones PN3563 M742L 2008 Central Library Pork spare ribs wrapped in lotus leaf, Beggar chicken, steamed clams and eggs, eight varieties of dumplings- after you read this book, you’ll never look at Chinese food the same way again. In The Last Chinese Chef, Mones documents the love affair between […]

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Ask the Librarian

It is that time of the semester again when students troop into the library wearing huge T-shirts, shorts and flip flops. They carry with them bags of papers, books, snacks, the occasional teddy bear, soft toy, etc which they later spread out all over the tables. Practically all seats are taken and there is a […]

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What is it with giving out candies, chocs and all sorts of food stuff at students’ presentations? After a couple of presentations, I was half-expecting a plate of char-siew rice coming my way as I sat through yet one more presentation. During the break, I turned to a lovely girl in what looked like a […]

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