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Shh… We had a date with MKT1003 students in HSSML

Are you curious about what librarians in Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library have been doing recently?  Let’s take a look at what’s been happening at HSSML Training Room (3rd floor).


This screen looks familiar. It looks like a database interface! Yes, this is a popular business database – Business Source Premier! Students are sitting up and listening attentively. They are eagerly learning how to search for journal articles and company profiles such as for Apple Inc. But, where are our librarians?



There they are! Meet our instructors for this session, Kah Wei and Kash ($$$). Kash is waiting for the students to apply their own searches in the databases taught while Kah Wei is assisting them.



That hand belongs to Kash, one of our friendly librarians who is explaining the function of using truncation in Business Source Premier. In the example above, strateg* retrieves a variation of word such as strategy, strategies, strategic, etc. He then combined “market* strateg*” to bring together the different possible variations on the words market and strategy. Awesome!



The librarians also taught another key business database: Passport (aka. GMID, Euromonitor). In the picture below, Linyu is showing students how to navigate Passport. She pointed out relevant resources derived from one starting point: a “Beer in Singapore”. She also showed company profiles such as a profile on “Asia Pacific Breweries”. Last but not least, she encouraged students to look at consumer lifestyles reports.

Students who attended the session gave great feedback. Many suggested we should continue conducting this tutorial in the future. Thank you for all your comments, MKT1003 students. The Librarians enjoyed their “date” with you!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our Emails are:

–          linyu@nus.edu.sg

–          hlbtg@nus.edu.sg

–          kahwei@nus.edu.sg


~Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library

Top 2 Search Tips

1. Limit to only Full-Text.

2. Check NUS Libraries Holdings.

At the 2 library sessions held recently at Hon Sui Sen Memorial Libray’s Training Room, our students wanted to know how to get the full-text of articles.

You see, Business Source Premier, this wonderfully popular business databases, does not have full-text to all its articles (we explained why at the session). So, students wanted to know how to quickly retrieve only full-text articles (hey, some people just know what they want).

Click on the image to see a 1.4min video on how to limit your results to only full-text articles and quickly retrieve the articles. It’s dead easy.



Click on this image to see how to look for articles when there is no full-text.



Check out some pics from the sessions.

Wai Kit is teaching while Kah Wei is assisting a student who came in late. We had some MBAs and some 2nd year undergrads.



Kah Wei is explaining a wildcard search. There is always a joker in a deck of cards, isn’t there?


Top 2 Databases All BIZ Students Should Get To Know

1. Business Source Premier
2. Factiva

You got to love lists.

Get to know all about Business Source Premier today and tomorrow:

Here are the details:

24 Aug, Wed, 2-3pm
25 Aug, Thur, 2-3pm

Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library’s Training Room, 3rd Storey

At the end of the sessions, you will learn how to get articles like these:



Your librarians who will be conducting the sessions are the same two shameless exhibitionists at the recent Bizad Roadshow.