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b’Cause — Preview III

With the book fund raising sale coming up soon, let’s take a look at some of the interesting titles you can purchase for reasonably low prices. Do remember that all proceeds are going for a worthy cause to assist students with financial need in NUS!

Since, we’ve just celebrated Singapore’s 51st birthday, let’s take a look at some books for sale that were written by prominent figures in our short history.



No Dream Too High. National University of Singapore Centennial Everest Expedition 2005. This book is a description of the sheer tenacity and grit a trip to the world’s highest peak requires. Buy this book to learn more about the journey and the challenges this inspirational team faced along the way.

SR Nathan in Conversation. Read about our former president’s thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics; from the importance of Total Defence in Singapore to the value of education and tolerance. This book was based on a series of informal interviews of the 92 year old who is currently recovering from a stroke.

George Yeo’s collection of writing and speeches is an interesting read. The title itself covers three whimsical elements which allude to the wide perspective that he represents; the Bonsai, Banyan and Taoism. It’s an interesting perspective from someone who has had a 23 year long career in Singapore politics.

From ideas to reality is a tribute book to one of Singapore’s founding fathers, Mr. S. Rajaratnam. Having written many books himself on his ideas and vision for Singapore and how he went about putting his plans into action, this book is an inspiring collection of key speeches and articles illustrating his cause and how it became the reality we enjoy today.

Lastly, the book which is a must-read for all Singaporeans, From Third World to First: The Singapore Story. Read about the vital first 3 decades of Singapore’s story from the point of view of Singapore’s Founding Father, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. In this book he talks about his widely-debated policies and approaches and follow his journey of Singapore’s quick rise to a first world country.

There are only 3 days left to our Fundraising Sale, which is held in conjunction with ERDD 2016, at Central Library!

b’Cause — Preview II

With the book fund raising sale coming up soon, let’s take a look at some of the interesting titles you can purchase for reasonably low prices. Do remember that all proceeds are going for a worthy cause to assist students with financial need in NUS!

This week let’s take a look at one of the most popular categories in the Book Sale, fiction!


Here are some selections from the fiction that we’ve collected for sale. The one thing they all have in common is that they all deal with historical characters and the enigmas they represent. Books like those pictured here, often bring you on an incredible journey with their protagonists and are so descriptive you feel the thrill of being on this journey with them.

  • The latest instalment in the Robert Langdon series, Inferno is based off the infamous epic by Dante and real picturesque locations that are associated with it. As with the earlier books, it’s a race against time to figure out the truth and solve the puzzles before it’s too late but this time Dr. Langdon is more personally involved in the plot than ever before.
  • Bring Up the Bodies is a fictional re-telling of the tale of the much-written about Anne Boleyn, introducing a new character to serve on the side of King Henry. Mantel has also been praised for providing an interesting cognitive perspective to the known history of Anne Boleyn.
  • The Guardians of the Covenant is a translated work from Norway dealing with an archaeologist’s dicovery of a viking conspiracy and it’s coverup leading the reader through the sights and sounds of Norway.
  • The Third Secret looks at the church and religion and introduces a conspiracy of a hidden truth/message. It has been compared to Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons and is a piece of fiction that is reputed to be quite balanced in terms of characterisation and pace of the novel.
  • Finally, the Testament is a novel that brings us on a rather familiar journey of discovering an ancient order that was charged with protecting a dangerous secret. The difference would most likely be in that the protagonist now has to follow his father’s footsteps in the Order but he has to discover the truth first. Also, this was written by the author who created the Bourne series.

We hope the titles here have piqued your interest and we hope to see you at the Fundraising Sale (in conjunction with ERDD 2016)  at Central Library!

P.S. If you’re interested in winning some attractive prizes, you might want to check out the ERDD Online Quiz , happening now!

b’Cause – Preview

Our annual fundraising sale is coming up soon and this year and every year this Librarian gets very excited to ‘help’ with the pricing and sorting of books that are donated. Partially because I love books and the sheer variety of books we get every year is absolutely amazing. So, in this post, and a few more over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some interesting finds with you.



I think this picture illustrates the variety we’ve received. In this picture alone, we feature:

  • A scientific take on the preparation of food and studying how and why different ingredients come together
  • Compilation of commentary from historians, sociologists and more on the rapid expansion of urban spaces in Asia
  • A book that teaches the importance and value of being able to have and understand different perspectives even that of our canine friends
  • An adult colouring book illustrating the majestic beasts we share our planet with
  • A psychology text book looking more at practical applications of the topic to our real life

We also have books on business, medicine, science and of course, fiction! You can come check them out yourself when the sale happens on 25-26 August 2016, at Central Library. See you then!


Book & Garage Sale 2011

We recently had our annual book sale in conjunction with our E-Resource Discovery Day 2011. This year, everything seemed bigger and better. Having a longer collection period of about 3 months allowed us to obtain a larger variety of books to put out on sale. This in turn allowed us to collect an even larger sum of money surpassing our target. For the first time, we also had a garage sale to raise more funds, and the items were donated by the staff of NUS libraries.

From mid-May onwards, we placed posters about the events around campus as well as blue and white book collection boxes near the entrance of all the libraries. While initially our collection was a bit slow, there were some enthusiastic donors who gave us boxes of books. Special thanks goes out to UBS for donating several boxes of new books and audio visual materials.

Pricing and sorting the large amount of books and donated items was definitely an interesting experience and we even stumbled upon treasured finds!  Here are some awesome vintage books:

collage of books

The days of the sale was hectic but fun. Many students and staff exclaimed their surprise at finding such good books at unbelievably low prices. Over at the garage sale, the first item – a vintage toy accordion – was sold almost as soon as the stall was set up. The second day of the sale drew an even larger crowd, for both book and garage sale. We also put out National Geographic and Readers’ Digest magazines that went for 5 for $1! There were many who snapped up boxes of books as it was a good deal. They confided that they would buy the books now and read later!

accordian and teddy bears

Previously we had collected over $6,000 for our cause. This year our total collection for both the book and garage sale is $11,000.30! This would not have been possible without your support! All proceeds go to the Annual NUS Giving Bursary Fund to help the needy students in NUS. So, it was all for a very worthy cause! Thank you so much for all the donated books and for supporting our 2 days of sales! 

Umarani Jayapal and Georgiana Glass
Central Library

Book Donation Drive & Sale 2010

Back by popular demand, the fund-raising book sale was held over two days to coincide with this year’s E-Resource Discovery Day (ERDD). The book donation drive began in July and ended in early September. All proceeds from the sale will be channeled to the needy students through the NUS Students’ Fund (NUSSF).

We are delighted to announce that we raised $6,030 from the two-day sale for the NUSSF. This was possible only because of the strong support from NUS Staff and Students. To all who contributed to the event by donating or purchasing these books, here’s a heartfelt thank you from us! The E-Resource Discovery Day committee would also like to thank all NUS Libraries staff and NUSSF volunteers who made the event possible.

Join us on a photo journey of the book donation drive & sale below!

book donation box Collection of books
You were greeted by these blue and white donation boxes at the entrances of all NUS Libraries from July to September, while the posters were seen around NUS, in your e-mails, our tweets, and on NUS Facebook!We would like to thank OED for allowing us the use of their paper-recycling boxes for our event! don’t worry, these boxes will be reused for other purposes now that the event is over.


Donated books were priced and sorted into the various categories by librarians. Here are mountains of books eagerly awaiting their new owners!

We trust you found books that suited your needs and interests. The many happy faces seem to suggest so! The books were priced from $1 onwards, snapped up like hotcakes, and even sold by the boxes!

Herman Felani b Md Yunos
Central Library