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  • Fatally Ever After

    Once upon a time, there was a librarian who liked macabre things. She also enjoyed choosing reading materials based on how eye-catching their titles were. One day, she found a book about murder, with a stark white and red cover showing a body impaled by an axe. She began reading the back cover blurb and […]

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  • Vanity, Branded

    I am a beauty junkie. On a rare shopping trip with my mother, she picked up a random blusher from the display and asked me, “What does M.A.C stand for?” I had never thought about it. Never mind that she continued asking me questions such as “Where is it from? Who invented it?” instead of […]

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  • Overloaded

    Have you ever experienced one of the following scenarios: You were constantly disrupted by incoming emails, SMS, and phone calls and could not focus on the tasks at hand. You were revising for tomorrow’s exam. You looked at all the 36 required readings (excluding textbook chapters) and wonder: “Why are there so many readings for one module?” You went shopping but there were […]