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Vibrance: Artsbuzz Exhibition from 9-23 April

University life to Hall residents has been one of vibrance and fun. It provides us with an opportunity to get to know our environment and friends of different backgrounds, beliefs and ideals, thus painting our lives with rich colours beyond the scope of our usual palette. We hope that all viewers will appreciate the vibrance of university life more through our eyes.


These photos are all taken by KE Vision, a group of photographers comprised of both first-time and experienced users of digital SLRs from King Edward VII Hall. It is the first time we are exhibiting our works. We may not be professional but we are all true lovers of photography. The photos may not be great works of art, but they show how the photographers view and appreciate their lives. We hope that this exhibition will encourage us to keep on discovering the vibrance in our lives.

Cao Ying
Head of KE Vision

NUS Society of Social Work Exhibition

Exhibition title: Trapped by Situations: Freed by Your Actions
Groups: NUS Society of Social Work with Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and Promoting Alternatives to Violence (PAVE)
Date: 8 to 22 March
No of Works: 11

Some of the artworks on display

Trapped by Situations, Freed by Your Actions educates the public about the challenges faced by some in Singapore who are forgotten by society. The artistic products of our beneficiaries are showcased, symbolic of their strengths and talents, as well as the challenges which prevent them from realising their potentials. In partnership with other stakeholders, social work professionals rehabilitate our beneficiaries and integrate them into society, helping them to become dignified and self-actualising individuals.

The butterfly motif used in the exhibition title symbolises our belief in an inclusive and cohesive society, where everyone knows that all individuals matter. Similar to how a butterfly breaks out of its cocoon and roams freely, we help our beneficiaries overcome their challenges to achieve freedom for a more fulfilling future.

Taha Mattar
President, 23rd Executive Committee
Society of Social Work Students

ArtsBuzz: A Tribute to Michael Jackson

Weird, violent and hyperactive. These were the misconceptions I had of mentally ill people before I started volunteering for IMHope, a project under the NUSSU Voluntary Action Committee (NVAC). Till today, the mentally ill are often misunderstood and stigmatized by society. This exhibition shows the artistic talents of the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) residents, and aims to reduce the prejudices that we often have for the mentally ill.

IMHope was first started in 1996 by a group of undergraduates. We visit IMH every Saturday afternoon to interact with the residents of our adopted wards. Currently, we are volunteering with a group of long-staying adult male patients. We interact with them through activities such as playing cards, board games and mahjong; drawing and colouring; and visiting places of interest like East Coast Park and the Singapore Zoological Gardens. Interacting with the volunteers reminds the residents that they are not being abandoned by society. Most of the residents suffer from schizophrenia, a type of illness caused by chemical imbalances in the brain which create disruptions in mood, behaviour, perception and communication. With the right medication, they are able to control the symptoms. However, many of them have short attention spans due to their medication conditions and the side effects of their medication.  Thus, exhibiting their artworks at the ArtsBuzz represents a major accomplishment to them.

NVAC-IMHope exhibition

We hope that through this exhibition, the residents will improve their self-esteem and gain greater acceptance from society. These drawings were selected from a large collection of artworks done by the residents of our adopted wards during our weekly sessions. As Michael Jackson had contributed in healing the world—be it financially through charity or emotionally through his music and performances—we wanted to take this opportunity to pay a tribute to him. We find some of his songs really meaningful and inspiring, and have arranged the artworks around the themes of these songs.

If you’re inspired or have a burning passion to volunteer, you’re most welcome to join us! For more information, please contact our Project Director, Tan Wee Boon, at cweiwen@hotmail.com.

On behalf of IMHope and our residents,
Zheng Huili, 3rd year student

Artvibe Exhibition ‘FUSION’

FUSION is a collection of works by the artists at NUS. As the name suggests, this collection represents a wide variety of works. It showcases the diverse talents of the students – their perspectives and views of life. Presented in a variety of mediums ranging from charcoal to oil and acrylics, and on topics ranging from serenity of the nature to rage or mystery, FUSION aims to display the rich mix of emotions that makes each of us unique.

Almost all of the exhibits are the works by the members of Art Vibe, who come from different faculties (ranging from Engineering to Science to Business), including both undergraduate and graduate students. This exhibition gives them an ideal opportunity to display their talents to the NUS community. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for most of them, who are artists at heart, but majoring in other fields, to keep alive that artist within them and to garner appreciation within NUS for their talent.

We hope that this would encourage others with similar artistic interests to join the Art Vibe community and to continue to contribute to the visual arts scene at NUS.

For details / feedback please contact: artvibe.nus@gmail.com or 96420743 / 82338291.

FUSION exhibition runs at the Artsbuzz, Central Library from 25 January to 9 February 2009.

Madhurima Bhattacharya
Undergraduate, Faculty of Engineering

Fancy Hotel

Last Saturday, we went to a fancy 6-star hotel to celebrate our service award win. Yes, it was good fun, the food was good and the company even better. But I want to talk about the hotel.

The hotel looks like a bunker from outside – all shiny steel and closed-up. If not for some sculptures outside, you would not know it was there. You see, I had arrived early for the do, courtesy of a very kind couple. So while everybody was busy with something or other, I went off on a little saunter around the place.

Inside the hotel, it is like any other hotel – airy and spacious. What distinctively stood out were the artworks.

I am not talking about the large pieces of Chen Kaizhen or Chua Ek Kay gracing most of the wider walls (specially commissioned by the hotel, mind you). But rather the more intimate pieces tucked away in little corners. There were a Cheong Soo Pieng, a Georgette Chen and a Chen Wen Hsi all hung at the lobby. As far as I am concerned, these pieces chipped away a little bit of the veneer of corporate-ness of this nondescript, rather impersonal hotel. It seems as if the owner of the hotel wanted to exert a bit of her/his personality by choosing from her/his presumably sumptuous collection, these little gems – perhaps to share with us the pleasure of having them around.

And such a pleasure it is to gaze upon the swirls of a Georgette Chen Beijing scene in this bunker of a hotel. I would have preferred one of her more vivacious still-lifes but then I suppose the owner wanted a more calming and understated piece. The small Chen Wen Hsi seems more personal compared to some of his pieces in our museums. The Cheong Soo Pieng of a group of ladies stuck out despite its faded color. The hotel had reframed these pieces as all of them seem to share the same sort of gilded frame. What a shame.

In a little nook upstairs where they have some very comfortable sofas were 2 Miros. Lovely, happy Miros. What a joy to see them! And get this – in a Chinese restaurant – tucked away in one its private corners is a little Jasper Johns. Oooo… I love Jasper Johns. But this piece, not so. But it’s a Jasper Johns and that’s enough for me to stare at it for a long while.

So, when do you suppose the owner is going to bring out more little gems? I am reminded that it is a hotel and not a museum or a gallery. Oh well… By the way, there used to be a Jimmy Ong at another hotel but then, if it is a hotel, it may not be there any more.