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  • 马年马入佳境,运程马上掌握!

    董农政大师马年风水讲座观后感          新加坡著名风水大师董农政师父于2014年1月22日(星期三)下午四点到六点在中央图书馆第一讲堂开展了精彩的风水讲座。董师父近几年都受邀到中文图书馆主讲新年风水生肖运程。经过进一步的了解, 我们才知道, 原来董师父不仅是新加坡著名的风水大师,他在诗歌创作上也多有建树。得知董师父熟知星象命理等传统文化的同时也精通现代诗歌创作,小伙伴们纷纷表示十分惊讶!原来,董师父在十九岁时就开始自己创作诗歌了,同时,他还是新加坡五月诗社的会员。他的一些作品也被收藏国大中文图书馆,如:《没有时间的雪》,《伤舌》,《一抹芙蓉泣断水乡外》,等等。有兴趣的朋友,可以到中文图书馆借阅,欣赏董师父另一方面的才华。   本次讲座除了有学生参与,也有听众是慕名而来的国大工作人员。 许多听众也将讲座重点认真地记录下来。董师父在讲座中用浅显易懂的语言,为我们解释了专业的风水名词,同时以现实的事例加以说明,使大家意识到,原来高深的风水知识其实非常平易近人。 再加上董师父幽默, 风趣的语言, 整个讲堂气氛轻松愉快,近两个小时的讲座,大家都听得兴致盎然,频频点头。其中让人最感兴趣的, 当然是各生肖在龙年的运程了。 董师父详细讲述了各个生肖在马年里的运程和该留意的人事物,并提供了一系列转运的方式,也特别指出今年犯太岁的生肖分别是马、鼠、牛、兔, 也告诉观众可以通过一些方法如家居摆设等避免因犯太岁而造成的厄运。       两个小时的讲座不知不觉就来到了尾声。讲座结束前,董师父仔细地回答了听众提出的问题, 与大家积极热情的互动。大家也对这场精彩的演讲报以热烈的掌声。许多听众在讲座结束后, 依然意犹未尽, 在讲堂中互相交流新学到的风水知识, 有些还围着董师父问东问西,留下合影留念。 看来,无论时间如何流逝,华人对风水文化的热衷和兴趣都是经久不衰的。谢谢国大中文图书馆请董师父带来这么精彩的演讲,让我们更加了解华人的这项传统文化。 童欣 国大中文系同学会

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  • Red Queen’s Race

    The use of technology in the library has saved both users and librarians heaps of time and effort, although the fast-paced advancement of technology has also made the use of it in research and study a Red Queen’s Race. For those who have not yet read Lewis Carroll’s excellent tale “Through the looking-glass and what […]

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  • Hold on, Tembusu and CAPT students!

    Before you leave for your holidays, we got to get you interested in Jan 8-9, 2014, 9am-4pm.  NUS librarians will be showing some nifty stuff at an Open House organized by The Writing Unit at Education Resource Centre (just above Starbucks).   The Open House is organised for students to find out about the Ideas and Exposition modules (I&E) so […]

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  • 4 Improvements in the New Semester

    We try our best to improve the facilities & services of NUS Libraries to meet your needs, here are some of the improvements and changes we made since the new semester began on Aug 2013.   1. More powerpoints in Central Library Table in the Bound Journal Section,   Central Library, Level 5 In our library […]

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  • FindMore Turns 6 Months Old

    FindMore@NUSL was launched on 12 Dec 2012 and has seen over 340 thousand visits and 1.1 million searches. We have received numerous feedback and are continually improving the system. Some improvements which we have made include: Adding of new materials, including open-access e-journals and e-book packages More accurate display of content types, especially for e-books […]