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On Men and Memes

There’s something about wheels that men find irresistible. But not all wheels, only those that move fast and turn heads. 

Just the other day, I read about a man on wheels who was making news on the Net. He’s not a testosterone-fueled teenager, but what society will euphemistically refer to as an older person. And a professor at that.

Prof Tom Winter was zipping around the University of Nebraska campus on his skateboard when a student took a photo of him in action. According to Know your meme, the photo first appeared on Reddit and then various websites, before turning viral. The local newspaper, JournalStar, even ran an article on him.

So what’s that got to do with the library? Well, the library is holding a meme contest until 15 April, and I decided to use Prof Winter as my inspiration:

Of course, you can use any meme generator and any image to create a library-related meme. The best meme as voted on the Facebook page will win! Remember to check out the details of the contest here. (Editor’s note: Oops sorry, do check out the judging criteria plus rules and regulations, as popularity is not a guarantee).

P.S.: If you’re hungry for fame, then be like Prof Winter and do something meme-worthy. Just don’t wait 20 years for someone to take a photo of you.

Seminar on Southeast Asian Chinese

Chinese Library cordially invites all NUS students and staff to attend the event below:

Seminar on Southeast Asian Chinese

Date   : 30 March 2012 (Friday)
Time   : 2pm – 4pm
Venue: Central Library Theatrette 2, Level 4

Agenda of the event:

  • Talk on Overseas Chinese in Singapore and the Fujian Incident in 1933
    Speaker: Matsuno Yumi (松野友美), Master student of the University of Tsukuba, Japan


  • Talk on Chinese publications in Sabah
    Speaker: Dr. Sim Chuin Peng (沈俊平博士), Head of the NUS Chinese Library

This event is co-organised by the NUS Chinese Library and the Southeast Asian Chinese Research Group from the Department of Chinese Studies. The event will be conducted in Mandarin.

For details, please refer to the poster.

Foursquare @ Music Library

The Foursquare campaign at Music Library was held from 13 Jan to 29 Feb 2012. In order to redeem a small token gift (NUS Libraries stapler), users had to “check in” using the Foursquare application on their smart phones four times during the qualifying period. The contest was open to NUS students and staff only.

Users had to show their Loyalty Special screen to the staff at the Information Desk in order to redeem their prize.

The campaign was a success, as it increased the number of users of check-in at Music Library daily. A total of 87 check-ins were made from 13 Jan to 29 Feb, as compared to 6 check-ins over the same period the year before. This is a significant increase of 93%. In total, the prize was unlocked 12 times. This means that there were 12 instances where the students came to Music Library and checked-in over 4 days.

We thank all users for their participation and support in the Foursquare promotion.

Statistical Databases: Find Out More

TNL supposes that nothing is worse than working with statistics.

But she is told that nothing beats the nightmare of FINDING statistics you want.


So the old girl and her colleagues are having a little online session where you can find out more about statistical database such as International Financial Statistics, World Development Indicators, CEIC Data Manager, etc.


The webinar allows you to “attend” the session by clicking a link we send you. We will meet in the virtual room to explore the mysteries of statistical databases.

The online (Webex) session will be on:

Date: 22 Mar 2012

Time: 1-2:30pm

Register online


Clinic Sessions for Engineering Students

Nothing beats the flexibility of coming to a library session, get a head-start on your project and leave without having to worry about time or rushing for your next class.

That’s what the librarians wanted 1st Year Engineering students of EG1413 (Critical Thinking and Writing module) to have when they developed the 3-hour clinic sessions.

So for 2 days, from 9am-12nn and from 1-4pm, students came into the clinic sessions and left after their questions were answered.






Some stayed on for the whole hog.  It was very much on-the-fly based entirely on topics or questions posed by the students. And boy, was there ever a deluge of questions.

Students wrote their topics or questions on yellow 3-by-5s (old cataloguing cards) and passed it to the librarian.  The librarian would then show how to search and retrieve the articles based on the topics.

Some topics were similar – social media and privacy, social media and the Singapore political landscape, social media and how it affects teens or the elderly, social media and intellectual property violations, etc. These were grouped and search techniques were taught.


More than 80 students attended the 2 clinic sessions. At any one point in a session,  there were at least 15-20 students in the class.

It was not just a matter of searching for articles.

Some had topics in mind that were kind of hazy. Some had started reading and found interesting patterns and trends but did not know what to make of it. The librarians guided them to see how headlines, keyword summaries, Subject Terms, etc could guide them in scoping or framing their topic, making it easier for them to manage the deluge of information or a run-away topic.

Differences in the types of information retrieved from the databases Business Source Premier, Communication and Mass Media Complete and Factiva were also demonstrated with the students’ topics.

Those who had to leave gave their email addresses on the yellow cards so that the librarian could email them after the clinic sessions.








EndNote X5 Sessions in February

From 20-24 & 29 February, we’ll be conducting training sessions for EndNote X5. There will be five sessions of hands-on training, as well as a clinic and a WebEx online session.

EndNote X5 is a bibliographic management software that:

  • stores and organizes citations found from many sources into your own library of citations
  • inserts the citations into a Word document as in-text citation and bibliography
  • automatically formats your citations to your preferred citation style (APA 6th, MLA, IEEE etc.), and much more!

The hands-on sessions will get you started on integrating EndNote into your research workflow so you can produce your papers and theses more efficiently. The WebEx session allows you to participate in the training from the comfort of your home, while the clinic is meant for advanced/Mac users who need troubleshooting for their EndNote issues.

Please install EndNote X5 into your own PCs, laptops and Macs at least one day before the sessions. For problems with installation, please contact IT Care.

Do check out the dates for the sessions and register online!

EndNote Team
NUS Libraries





•        董农政师父风水讲座


•       猜灯谜比赛




Chinese New Year is around the corner. For the months of January and February 2012, we will be organising four events as shown below:


1. Spring Couplets Display (春联展示)
9-11 Jan 2012 (Mon – Wed)
Chinese Library Level 6


2. Spring Couplets Writing (挥春活动)
12 Jan 2012 (Thurs), 10am-2pm
Central Library Level 4 Theatrette2


3. Feng Shui Talk by Master Dong Nong Zheng (董农政师父风水讲座)
3 Feb 2012 (Fri), 3pm-5pm
Central Library Level 4 Theatrette1


4. Lantern Riddle Competition  (灯谜竞猜)
6 Feb 2012 (Mon), 9am-5pm
Chinese Library Level 6


We cordially invite all students and staff to celebrate Chinese New Year with us by taking part in these events!

For the two events of Spring Couplets Writing and Feng Shui Talk by Master Dong Nong Zheng, further details can be found from the two posters below:



A warm welcome to NUS, and Happy New Year!

Central Library is organising orientation talks and tours for new students on 11 and 13 January:



During the talk, you’ll find out about the services and facilities of the library, and we’ll reveal how you can search our catalogue and databases more efficiently. We’ll also show how you can get hold of full-text journal articles and past year exam papers, among other things. For the tours, we’ll be walking you around the Central Library and showing you our collections and facilities.

You can come for both a talk and tour, or just either of them. We trust that with the nuggets of information, you’ll be able to breeze through your assignments more rapidly, and get better grades too! See you there! 


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