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ArtsBuzz Exhibition: Oiled Impressions & Penmai

Two collections–Oiled Impressions and Penmai–are on display at ArtsBuzz of Central Library, from 4-18 March.

The immediate surrounding has always had an enchanting effect on me, whenever I  pause and take it in. “Oiled Impressions” represents just that collection of moments: moments I took in, moments I yearn to be in, and moments I dream of.  “Penmai” is a collection that is very close to my heart. “Penmai” is the Tamil word for “feminine” and women have always been a source of inspiration for my thoughts. The kindness of a kitchen help, the grace of a dancer, the innocence of a little girl, the love of a grandmother, the labour of a spinach seller, the vivacity of a mother, are just some of my inspirations.

This is my very first exhibition at NUS and I hope you will take a turn around the world through my tinted shades.

Dhanya is a Civil Engineering undergraduate. She comes from Chennai, a South Indian city that has deepened her senses and appreciation of culture and tradition. She has been drawing and painting since she was a child and is discovering herself as an artist, today.

When she isn’t painting, Dhanya is busy training to be an engineer. She enjoys writing, designing clothes, filling her ears with indie music, and chalking plans to change the world. She loves to meet people and can be contacted

Dhanya Balasubramanian
Civil Engineering







Chinese New Year Events @ The Libraries

Chinese New Year (CNY) is around the corner. NUS Libraries wish you a prosperous Year of Snake!

For the months of January and February 2013, we will be organising four celebration events as shown below:

1. CNY Couplets Exhibition (春联展示)
28 – 30 Jan (Mon – Wed)
    Chinese Library Level 6

2. CNY Couplets Writing (挥春活动)
31 Jan (Thurs), 11am – 2pm
Central Library Level 4 Theatrette2


3. Feng Shui Talk by Master Dong Nong Zheng (董农政师父风水讲座)
5 Feb (Tue), 4pm – 6pm
Central Library Level 4 Theatrette1

4. Lantern Riddle Competition  (灯谜竞猜)
22 Feb (Fri), 9am – 5pm
Chinese Library Level 6

We cordially invite all NUS students and staff to take part in these events and celebrate Chinese New Year with us!



“部落民”  是日本近世幕藩体制里的贱民,位居社会最下层,他们无论在居住、日常生活、社交活动及职业上都备受歧视。虽然日本政府在明治四年(1871)颁发了“部落解放令”,让他们在法律上和职业上都和其他的平民一样,但身份差别还是存在。因此,部落民为了改善自身的身份地位和生活,争取平等待遇,在“部落解放令”后,发动了无数次的解放部落运动和民权运动,此起彼落。随着社会的进程,近年来在日本有越来越多的社会运动团体和年青的部落民 致力地为部落民争取平等的权益。如全国地域人権運動総連合、部落解放同盟全国連合会、部落解放・人権研究所等。


Publisher’s Talk on Writing a Journal Article

Writing an academic article can cause anxiety and stress, especially for the uninitiated. One way of constructively handling such fears is to seek advice from the experts, such as publishers or previously published writers.

On the 18th of September, 150 NUS staff and students attended a talk organized by the library. The speaker, Rosalia Garcia, Library Sales & Marketing Director (Asia Pacific) of SAGE Publications, shared with the audience how to write a good and publishable article.

Among the topics she covered were:

  • keys to positive writing experiences
  • what gets published and why
  • importance of selecting the right journal
  • steps involved in preparing your manuscript and writing your article
  • common mistakes in citing references

Based on the feedback received, the audience found the talk to be useful, especially for first-time writers and researchers. Following the talk, the audience was treated to refreshments, courtesy of SAGE.

If you missed attending the talk, do not fret. You can still view the webcast via the following link: (NUSNET login required). Please log into the NUS WebVPN if you are viewing the webcast from home.

The library organizes such publisher’s talks throughout the year, so do check our library portal or social media channels for upcoming events.

Georgiana Glass
Central Library

ERDD 2012

This year, our E-Resource Discovery Day (ERDD) took place on September 13. There was a mixture of many familiar elements as well as a touch of the new.

As usual, our vendors came to showcase the library’s e-resources. We had a forum quiz in the form of a scavenger hunt with the rewards being a goodie bag and a chance to take part in the lucky draw. We received more than 500 entries for this quiz and it was truly heartening to see so many students and staff engaging with our vendors. We also had an online quiz prior to ERDD day, which garnered over 500 entries! This was definitely the largest number of entries we have ever received!

Even though we decided against having performances this year, we had a game booth during lunch hours. Participants had to throw a dart to qualify for a question. If they answered the question correctly, they would win a prize. The game allowed students to learn about e-resources in a fun way while winning prizes. We gave out more than 180 prizes at the game booth. Apart from learning about the databases and e-journals available in the library, we also took the opportunity to promote our new discovery service, FindMore@NUSL.

Here are the prize winners for the various draws:

Forum Quiz Grand Draw

No. Prize (Sponsor) Winner
1st MacBook 11″ (Elsevier) Zhou Jieliang
2nd iPad (I-Group) Nica Policarpio
3rd Coach bag (CCH) Zhao Xianbo
4th Nikon CoolPix L310 camera (Wiley) Khong Duc Thng
5th iPod Nano (16GB) and watchband (Ovid) Ko Sung Chan
6th Turtle Beach universal amplified stereo gaming headset (Emerald) Lim Mei Eng
7th iPod Touch (8GB) (Sage) Sudarkodi Sukuman
8th Nintendo Wii console set (UBS) Ng Su Fen
9th Western Digital external portable hard drive, 1TB (EBSCO) Wong Shun Qi
10th Buffalo portable hard drive (Emerald) Loh Sze Sian
11th iPod Nano (8GB) (Alexander Street Press) Wu Gaofeng
12th Waterman pen (ThomsonReuters) Ong Shi Rong
13th $80 Kinokuniya vouchers (Kinokuniya) Ramadoss Karthik

Online Quiz Lucky Draw

No. Prize (Sponsor) Winner
1st One iPod Touch (8GB) with iPod Touch case (IEEE) Pioy Thampipattanakul
2nd S$150 shopping vouchers (Cengage) Chen Jiaying
3rd Fuji Instax Mini 7 (Springer) Koh Sin Yee
4th Waterman pen (ThomsonReuters) Arghya Banerjee
5th Sony MP3 walkman player (4GB) (Emerald) Lee Mia Ching, Dr
6th Alienware mouse (Emerald) Munirah Bte Alias
7th 3X 500MB USB drive (ProQuest) Han Nuo Min
8th 2 KeepCups (ThomsonReuters) Thng Jing Xiong
9th $40 Kinokuniya vouchers (Kinokuniya) Theodore Willian Salim (A0084XXX)
10th $30 Kinokuniya vouchers (Kinokuniya) Chaw Kar Yan

We would like to thank our vendors for their generous support of the event, and also all students and staff who participated in the quizes. We hope to see you again next year! Until then, do check out our Flickr page for more photos!

Umarani Jayapal
on behalf of the ERDD2012 team

NUS Libraries Fundraising Sale 2012

On September 13 and 14, we had our NUS Libraries Fundraising Book & Garage Sale 2012. As always, this event was held in conjunction with the NUS Libraries E-Resource Discovery Day (ERDD).

This year, we started the collection period in late April, hoping that students and staff will donate their books before the school vacation. Our book donation boxes were dressed in a prominent red and white, and we put up posters with a heartfelt plea for books. This year, we received a steady stream of books right up to the week of ERDD itself, and our collection was much larger than last year’s. We want to specially thank the two families which each contributed several hundreds and thousands of books. We also want to thank the Office of Housing Services which installed book collection points at the various hostels.

For the garage sale, we collected items mainly from our own staff, and received some unusual items as well as a healthy number of CDs, VCDs and DVDs. Given the staggering amount of books and garage sale items, we had to do a lot more pricing and sorting. With previous years’ experiences in mind, we meticulously categorised the books and stored them in batches. Besides having a preview album on Facebook, we also had our very own model to showcase some clothing from the Garage Sale.

On the actual days of the fundraising sale, many students and staff were surprised to find such good books and items at attractive prices. We extended our opening hours to give everybody more time to shop. Our flash sale at the end of the second day was very successful, as we reduced prices in order to sell more items. We gave a 20% discount off the garage sale items and priced the books at five for $2! Many expressed disbelief and immediately called their friends to come down to buy more.

This year, our total collection for both the book and garage sale was $15,000, compared to the $11,000.30 collected last year. On 26 September, NUS Libraries handed over a cheque of $15,000 to the Deputy President (Administration), Mr. Joseph P Mullinix.

The cheque went to the Annual NUS Giving Bursary Fund, which supports NUS students with financial needs. So, it was all for a very worthy cause! We’ll like to say a huge “Thank you” to all who donated their books and items, and those who came and bought, as well as all the library staff who contributed their time and energy! We hope you had good memories of the event and are enjoying your treasured finds! 

Umarani Jayapal
on behalf of the ERDD2012 team

Exhibition at ArtsBuzz: White Nights

Flowers bloom around the clock if the night never gets dark.

From 2-25 October,  Central Library will exhibit a collection of floral paintings called “White Nights”. Why floral paintings? Since I majored in Environmental Biology, I possess the utmost love for all living things and naturally something as beautiful as flowers would represent an theme for my solo exhibition.

“White Nights” is my first solo exhibition at the NUS Central Library and is a tribute to all my friends as an appreciation for their help and support through these years. This floral-themed exhibition lets me share the beauty of nature as seen through my eyes.

I also hope to bring the visual arts to NUS in my own little way and add a little spice to varsity life in the process. “White Nights” gives me an opportunity to express my concept of “visual arts as a universal  language”. The “White Nights” exhibition will be expressed in 4 languages: English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

About the artist

Born in 1990 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Ching Siong studied general art at Page One Academy, and received his B.S. in Life Sciences at NUS in 2012. While at NUS, he absorbed conventional concepts and skills in watercolour and oil media, subsequently forming his own style. He now concentrates on local contemporary art and children’s art. In 2009, he received a world first honor prize from Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk. He is currently a painter and art teacher in Malaysia.

Should you have any queries, please contact Ching Siong at teychingsiong {at} gmail {dot} com.

Tey Ching Siong

麻坡田野调查报告/ Muar Sharing Session

国大中文图书馆与国大中文系东南亚华人研究群将于10月3日下午4点至5点半联合举办东南亚华人社区分享会——麻坡田野调查报告。地点在中央图书馆第二讲堂,主讲人是国大建筑系学生。他们在建筑系赖启健博士的带领下于2011年5月带领学生到麻坡进行田野调查,并出版了图书“Muar: Tributaries and Transitions”。本报告将以建筑文化为主,分享有关当地店屋的历史变迁与华社的发展。

Muar Sharing Session
Speaker: Student from the School of Design and Environment, who had joined a field trip to Muar with Dr Lai Chee Kien in 2011
Date: 3 October 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 4pm – 5:30pm
Venue: Central Library Level 4 Theatrette 2
• Shop houses’ history and development
• Connections with local Chinese community
• Experiences we had during UMNUS
• Our thoughts and share on community conservation and development
The sharing session will be conducted in Mandarin. The Q & A session can be in Mandarin/English.

The Art of Neighbouring: Exhibition at ArtsBuzz

What does China’s rise mean for those who live along its borders? Reflecting on the PRC’s strategies to foster trade, secure access to natural resources, and prevent unrest in its own borderlands, this exhibition shows the ways in which people’s lives and futures are affected by living along the borders. As rising China (the nation, the notion, the buzzword) channels aspirations, triggers fears and creates opportunities, “neighbouring” becomes a crucial skill in the borderlands – a skill that includes evading, openly opposing, making use of, or renegotiating the border situation.

In the first half of the 20th century, the fuzziness of erstwhile frontier zones was replaced with the sharp contours of nation-states. Political and military conflicts between the PRC and its neighbouring states brought many long-established trans-border relations to a halt. More recently, new stimuli of economic growth and material prosperity readily impelled a momentum of “opening up”. As ancient crossroads emerge as zones of contact and translation again, borderland communities actively engage with new possibilities; they also become targets of new regulatory regimes to “manage” the flows of people and goods across the borders.

This exhibition aims to show how the closure and re-opening of the PRC’s borders condition the myriad realities of making as well as being China’s neighbours through peace and turmoil. Three photographers present a selection of images that portray the diversity, the transformations, the vulnerability and the resilience of these border zones.

The exhibition is now being held at Central Library’s ArtsBuzz and is made up of two series. Series one will run from 1 to 15 September while series two will run from 16 to 30 September.

About the Photographers

DRU C. GLADNEY is Professor of Anthropology at Pomona College in Claremont, California. He began his field research in western China over 30 years ago, and has carried out more recent projects in Kazakhstan, Kyr­gyzstan, Turkey and Malaysia.

TOM CLIFF is a final-year PhD candidate at the Con­temporary China Centre of the Australian National University (ANU). He was a professional photographer before coming to academia. More of his work can be found at

MARTIN SAXER is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Asia Research Institute (ARI). He car­ried out field research in Siberia, Tibet and Nepal since 2003. He is the director of two feature length documen­tary films, including “Journeys with Tibetan Medicine” (