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Happy New Year (Or So What of It?)

You would think people would be stretching their holidays to the max… but noooo… Semester 2 seems to have started just when we thought we had 1 more week before the onslaught.

Students or rather students-to-be (they haven’t quite matriculated), researchers, lecturers, librarians from far-flung campuses – all wanted something as TNL managed the Live Chat.

You would think that the old girl closetted in her little cubicle would revel in all that attention. But when you have 3 people asking questions that contain more than 10 words each all at once, all at once, mind you, the only thing she could say was “But school hasn’t started yet!”

Well, too bad. As far as these folks were concerned, they wanted to know whether they could borrow books when they do not have their library cards yet (no, you can’t), whether they could print from the PCs in the library if they do not have their computer IDs yet (no, they can’t), whether the photocopying room was opened (yes, it is), whether we had the 8th edition of a textbook (no, we don’t but we will buy it), whether there is a full-text to an article that is not free (yes, we do). …And could we just get a breather here?

By the end of it, she felt the tension in her right wrist slowly building up to a pinch. Ouch.

While massaging her wrist, TNL had an epiphany of sorts – she had croney hands. You know, as in hands belonging to an old crone? Since when did she have them? Why were there crater-size pores? Would they eventually turn sandpaper-like? Do dinosaur skin start off looking like this? Are those freckles? Why are there so many? Somehow, the pinch in her wrist seem less of an issue.

TNL had croney hands. And when would the croney arms, neck, face start revealing themselves? Can you get collagen from eating fish? How much fish? What about soya milk? Soya milk’s good, right? If she stretches her skin a little bit every day with one of those old book-binding machines tucked away in the library somewhere, would it help? Or should she just stop looking at mirrors and lead a happy albeit unkempt existence? Seriously, why not?

Sigh… 2012 – this is so not how it should start off with.

Oh well, Happy New Year and all that.

Merry Christmas, TNL!
















TNL received a Christmas card that gave pause. On it was one of her fave Chrismas carols – O Holy Night. She read:

Fall on your knees! O hear the angels voices!

Oh night divine, the night when Christ was born;

O night, O Holy Night, O night divine!


The past few weeks have been crazy. Meetings upon meetings upon meetings.  And lots to do before Sem 2 hits. Nov and Dec just weren’t enough. The worst could have been if everybody else disappears to some far flung exotic holiday resort or deciding that clearing their leave would be like now.

But hey, people were hanging around and things were getting done. Of course, there were loads to do. That’s the thing, you see. There will be loads to do. There always will be.

So receiving such a lovely card just turned the whole thing around. A gentle, silent “Hang on, remember me?”

TNL decided then that it is about time to embrace the spirit of Christmas.  And what better way then to pause. And think of all things joyous.

JOY is receiving a Christmas card (one that you can place on your desk).

JOY is knowing there are friends who continue to remind us of JOY.

JOY is seeing the busy Boys Brigade organizing the loads of food packages in their Sharity box outside NTUC.

JOY is the sun peeking out of grey clouds after a gloomy, wet day.

JOY is having dry shoes on a wet day.

JOY is having a friend say she will be going away with her family to give food to kids in the slums of Makati. 

JOY is having new colleagues volunteer to take-over projects and who REALLY take-over.

JOY is hearing a conversation between loved ones that is peppered with laughter.

JOY is hearing your darling niece ask you, “What do you do at the library, Kuma?”

JOY is knowing you could do something right – for once.

JOY is knowing patience is still a virtue people hold dear.

JOY is having colleagues who are friends and will always be.

JOY is to share.

JOY is not expecting anything else in return.

JOY is knowing after all things are said and done, there is still much to look forward to.

MNO1001X and MKT1003X Exam Papers

Looking for past year’s exam papers for BIZ modules MNO1001X (Management & Organizatrion) and MKT1003X (Marketing)?
Search the Exam Papers database BUT with the module code MNO1001 and MKT1003 – that is, without the X at the end.
In the past years, these modules did not have the X at the end of the module. Search for it as it was coded then. Without the X.

1. Go to NUS Libraries portal (



2. Click on Exam Papers. Enter the module code.

exam papers tab


3. Login using your NUSNET ID or Computer ID and password.



4. Select the paper by clicking on any of the blue links.



5. Click on View the attached PDF file.



Sometimes you don’t get the paper because the paper was not released to the library. In such cases, please contact your lecturer.

What To Say?

“Want to say, say-lah!” “What for scared!”

Said a wildly gesturing colleague who had recently returned to work after getting a bit of a snip, snip done down there where-the-sun-don’t-shine. TNL looked at her wondering if another blood vessel was about to burst right open.

TNL was brought up in a home where people don’t talk back. You grumbled. A lot. To all who wanted to hear. But to actually go out there and say, “Eh, why you say that about me, ah?” isn’t quite done. It wasn’t anything to do with being a well-mannered young lady or being dignified or what not. It was just being down-right chicken.

Yet playing over and over again in her head were things that she wanted very much to say to defend herself.

Just so happens, a comment was made in the virtual realm by a certain library. It stated that this certain library had received feedback that a NUS student preferred to visit their library because there were more resources available for loan compared to TNL’s beloved library which supposedly had items which were frequently loaned out…… TNL drew a deep breath and a resounding “Oi!!!” resonated into the far dark reaches of the universe.

Of course, these questions started playing over and over again in her head like a broken gramaphone record:

  1. What resources you can’t find? We’ve got books, latest editions, top universitys’ publications, e-books, e-journals, CDs, DVDs, theses that are electronically available, journal databases, statistical databases and more. 7 libraries chock-full of resources!
  2. Do you know where and how to find them or not? Start where it all should start – the library portal – and how to search for information at
  3. What books frequently loaned out? RBR books, is it? That is why we have the 2-hour loan period leh. But this one TNL can empathise. That is why her beloved library is always on the lookout for e-books. Can you imagine the copies upon copies of the same edition taking up precious shelf space?
  4. And the last thing  that finally ended the whole broken gramaphone routine – why didn’t the student ASK us? ASK THE LIBRARIAN, lah. So many ways now – call, email, live chat, fax.

Sigh…. And another thing – what’s with the dissing, man?

It is in such times that TNL pauses and looks up to the bright, sunny sky.

You know, we live in a beautiful world. The sky is blue, the clouds are white and fluffy. Birds fly about. Occasionally, there is refreshing rain. The breeze is never too far away. The trees give shade.

Yes, indeed, what a beautiful world we live in. Yes, indeed.

Top 2 Guides to Statistics Sources

1. Singapore Statistics Guide

2. Statistics Page in Strategy & Policy Subject Guide 

Once upon a time, a very perplexed-looking MBA student came to us asking where he could get lots of statistics for his BMA5002A assignment. Lots of it. Any type of stats but lots of it.

Well, what are librarians good for if not for producing lists upon lists of fun sources.

Produced the lists we did. Because every semester we continue to get perplexed-looking MBAs.

It is that time of the semester again, folks! Enjoy your numbers!

Top 2 Search Tips

1. Limit to only Full-Text.

2. Check NUS Libraries Holdings.

At the 2 library sessions held recently at Hon Sui Sen Memorial Libray’s Training Room, our students wanted to know how to get the full-text of articles.

You see, Business Source Premier, this wonderfully popular business databases, does not have full-text to all its articles (we explained why at the session). So, students wanted to know how to quickly retrieve only full-text articles (hey, some people just know what they want).

Click on the image to see a 1.4min video on how to limit your results to only full-text articles and quickly retrieve the articles. It’s dead easy.



Click on this image to see how to look for articles when there is no full-text.



Check out some pics from the sessions.

Wai Kit is teaching while Kah Wei is assisting a student who came in late. We had some MBAs and some 2nd year undergrads.



Kah Wei is explaining a wildcard search. There is always a joker in a deck of cards, isn’t there?


Top 2 Databases All BIZ Students Should Get To Know

1. Business Source Premier
2. Factiva

You got to love lists.

Get to know all about Business Source Premier today and tomorrow:

Here are the details:

24 Aug, Wed, 2-3pm
25 Aug, Thur, 2-3pm

Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library’s Training Room, 3rd Storey

At the end of the sessions, you will learn how to get articles like these:



Your librarians who will be conducting the sessions are the same two shameless exhibitionists at the recent Bizad Roadshow.


Biz Amazing Race at HSSML

Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library was the starting point of Biz’s Amazing Race. And amazing it was! A race it was not quite.

TNL was there, of course. Who can resist watching a library transform (albeit only for that hour) into a noisy, rowdy, fun-filled place with students running around?

And what a transformation it was. Check it out.

There was a festive and colorful welcome at the entrance of the library. You can see the 3 librarians in the background. No, they were not just waiting around for students. They had spotted the Campus Security patrol car parked outside with lights flashing. It seems a car had skidded into a drain in front of the tennis courts.


The students started streaming in after the briefing in the LT. There were 6 teams. Each named after a hero. Ares was the first to come in. All the new students were in red and the seniors were in navy blue Ts.


First, they had to hear a short briefing about the library and its services. Here is a funny shot of Su Yian (one of the librarians) pointing at the Self-service Borrowing machine and the students looking at the Loans Desk.


After the briefing, 3 reps from each team were sent to Game Master Wai Kit who gave them their 1st clue. Each team had a different clue. But all of teams were required to locate the Call Number of a book (if you don’t know what a Call Number is, aiya, you should have come lah. Tsk, tsk, tsk…) from LINC+ and then locate the book on the shelf.

It doesn’t end there. They had to find a piece of information in the book to be given to the Games Master before he handed them the envelop for their next station.


Teams ran up (well, some did. Some thought time would stand still for them while they sauntered) to the 3rd Storey where the books and LINC+ terminals were. 

When they got there, they tapped furiously away. Some were clever enough to take a pic of the screen which showed the Call Number of the book.



Then off they ran to the shelves to locate the book. Ah… here is where they stumbled. Some remembered just a part of the Call Number and got shocked when they realised, hey, there are tons of books with HD31! Which one, leh?



When they found the book they wanted, it was quickly scanning the book for that bit of information.


Then off they went to the Game Master to submit their answers to get the next clue. But wait.. first, they had to perform a mini activity…

Some got patted on their heads…


 And 2 librarians got proposed to…




All things done, then, it is off to the next station.


 Have a look at Game Master Wai Kit’s photostream.

Bizad Academic Fair and Roadshow (What Great Fun!)

The shenanigans that librarians get up to. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

TNL was at the Bizad Academic Fair and Roadshow last Mon and my, oh, my… check these pics out.

Here you see the 2 librarians from the Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library standing quietly in front of their booth at the start of the roadshow. rd01

Wai Kit is wearing the giant book he made – “Library for Newbies”. Kah Wei is wearing giant earrings which are miniatures of Wai Kit’s book cover.rd02

Wai Kit’s book cover opens to a pink torso with a stack of HSSML Fact Sheets for the taking and a sign that says “Please take a piece of me”. Now, this is where the fun starts…


Here is Wait Kit flashing the students. What can TNL say? The girls knew a “piece” of Wai Kit was good to have. So a piece each they certainly took. But the chap on the right had only this to say – “I rather not”.


These chaps, on the other hand, were curious. Very curious.


TNL shan’t say too much of what this chap had in mind. With nary a thought, he took what he wanted.


Kah Wei had her share of comments about her earrings. The first comment came from a near-sighted but polite young man of good taste. “Aunty, your earrings damn cool.”


Then, some girls started asking questions about how the earrings were made. Oi! Ask about the library leh!


All in all, the librarians had lots of fun. They gave out over 200 library guides and highlighters. The Dean came by with a wide smile and a thumbs-up. Lots of friends from the faculty sauntered by to chat and gave their support.

As for TNL – well, she didn’t quite get to take a piece of anything. But just so you know… she had a fun time too.

PS. Here is Wai Kit’s photostream.

Bizad Academic Fair and Roadshow (and we will be there too!)

Welcome, welcome, all ye newbies!

Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library (HSSML), your very own business library, welcomes our new students to a brand new year of lots of learning and discovering.

Come and get to know us at the Bizad Academic Fair and Roadshow on Mon, 1 Aug, betwen 5-7pm, at the Mochtar Riady Building foyer.

We will have a booth there and will be handing out the NUS Library Guides (How many libraries are there in NUS?, Who do I contact if I need help?, etc) and HSSML Fact Sheets (“Where is the Loans Desk? Where are your books?, etc).

And every year, we have little freebies to give away.

Here are some pics of our friends getting ready for the roadshow.

This is Wai Kit, our new librarian, doing his new librarian thing of preparing for orientation.


Wai Kit getting his costume ready. Yup, folks, he is going to be walking around wearing this fake giant book.


Murni is getting the library guides, fact sheets and freebies ready.


The freebies this year is a really cute pack of mini highlighters and baby stapler.


See you!