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  • Happy New Year (Or So What of It?)

    You would think people would be stretching their holidays to the max… but noooo… Semester 2 seems to have started just when we thought we had 1 more week before the onslaught. Students or rather students-to-be (they haven’t quite matriculated), researchers, lecturers, librarians from far-flung campuses – all wanted something as TNL managed the Live Chat. You […]

  • Musings
  • What To Say?

    “Want to say, say-lah!” “What for scared!” Said a wildly gesturing colleague who had recently returned to work after getting a bit of a snip, snip done down there where-the-sun-don’t-shine. TNL looked at her wondering if another blood vessel was about to burst right open. TNL was brought up in a home where people don’t […]

  • Hot Library Tips
  • Top 2 Search Tips

    1. Limit to only Full-Text. 2. Check NUS Libraries Holdings. At the 2 library sessions held recently at Hon Sui Sen Memorial Libray’s Training Room, our students wanted to know how to get the full-text of articles. You see, Business Source Premier, this wonderfully popular business databases, does not have full-text to all its articles […]