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  • Trees Die Too

    First the rabbit, now the tree. Every day for the longest time, TNL would walk a little slip road to get to her library. Nobody ever takes this road. It was her little quiet. With the birds, the trees and the big blue sky. The glory of creation displayed in this little part of the campus. […]

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  • Statistical Databases: Find Out More

    TNL supposes that nothing is worse than working with statistics. But she is told that nothing beats the nightmare of FINDING statistics you want.   So the old girl and her colleagues are having a little online session where you can find out more about statistical database such as International Financial Statistics, World Development Indicators, CEIC […]

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  • Our Friend Paul

    When you want to have a glimpse of what a person is really about, have a look at his or her book collection. Whether it is just a shelf-full or a house-full, it speaks volumes. (Sorry!) Librarians are generally book collectors. We love books, you see. And when we have read a book that just takes our breath away, we want it to […]

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  • How Can TNL Get Her Groove Back?

    TNL can’t write. Words don’t come out easily. There is this constant irritating use of the backspace and delete keys. And there is a constipation of words and expressions. Stuff are stuck in between a dark and a darker place. Ok, too much information already. Even when they do eventually get out, the stuff just stays there insipidly staring into space. […]

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  • Clinic Sessions for Engineering Students – Questions Asked After the Sessions (Part 2)

    We did a blog post for the topic “social media and citizen journalism”, next up – Social media and how it encourages teens to be promiscuous, display violent behavior because of online gaming, buy luxury goods because celebrities tout what they wear in their Facebook Again, you would need to have either looked through the EG1413 […]

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  • Clinic Sessions for Engineering Students – Questions Asked After Sessions (Part 1)

    So, it seems it ain’t over until the fat lady sings… We have been receiving emails from some Engineering students after the clinic sessions.  Students were either not getting an angle on their topic or are pursuing the many diverse patterns and trends they read about. So, they’ve got either too hazy a topic  or too many topics […]