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  • Book Review: Flowers for Algernon

    Flowers for Algernon Daniel Keyes PS3561 K44F 1975 Central Library Flowers for Algernon revolves around Charlie, a mentally disabled odd job assistant at a bakery who becomes a genius after undergoing neurosurgery. His sudden jump in IQ (from 68 to 200) is a result of an experimental procedure that has proven effective in a lab […]

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  • Book Review – The Last Chinese Chef

    The Last Chinese Chef by Nicole Mones PN3563 M742L 2008 Central Library Pork spare ribs wrapped in lotus leaf, Beggar chicken, steamed clams and eggs, eight varieties of dumplings- after you read this book, you’ll never look at Chinese food the same way again. In The Last Chinese Chef, Mones documents the love affair between […]

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  • SDE-SOC Camp 2009

    It’s that time of the year again… When the campus is once again alive with the laughter and footfalls of new students playing orientation games, making friends and simply getting to know the environment which will be their second home for at least the next four years. Central Library was also a hive of activity […]