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  • New Law Databases

    Here are two law databases that were added to our electronic resources collection recently: eGazette eGazette gives the pdf version of the printed Singapore government gazette and goes as far back as 1998. It is updated daily and like the print gazette, it covers bills and acts supplement, the subsidiary legislation supplement, the industrial relations and trade marks […]

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  • Singapore Statutes Online Enhanced

    Searching for Singapore legislation? Look no further than Singapore Statutes Online at http://statutes.agc.gov.sg/. This official government website is maintained by the Singapore Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC).  Singapore Acts have been made available through this free access database for several years. But the AGC has recently included Subsidiary Legislation and Acts Supplements in its menu of legislation. […]

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  • Legal Humour

    I was surfing around for legal humour and came across these brilliant cartoons in Stu’s Views.            Law librarians are indispensable. I rest my case! (Permission has been obtained from Stu Rees to include the cartoons on this blog.) Lee Su-Lin C J Koh Law Library

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  • LawNet

    LawNet is a prime source of legal information on Singapore by Singapore Academy of Law.  It provides access to primary and secondary legal information on Singapore and about Commonwealth. The legal research module in Lawnet is called Legal Workbench. LawNet also gives access to legal materials from other jurisdictions such as UK, Australia, New Zealand (AustLII), […]

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  • Oxford Scholarship Online

    Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) consists of online books published by the venerable Oxford University Press.  Just type Oxford Scholarship Online in LINC+ and you will be able to access the website. OSO provides both quick and advanced search. In advanced search, you can choose to search within books only or both books and chapters. Alternatively, you can choose to browse by subject. The online book may […]