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Dec 2020 | ISSUE 16
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This Week’s Reads:
Gender (In)equality
Enjoy a meaningful December break with these reads on Gender (In)Equality. Also, we’re switching up our Book Club with a discussion on the Netflix miniseries ‘The Queen’s Gambit‘ this month. Finally, contribute to our Favourite 20 Reads of 2020 and stand a chance to win a book prize! More info below:

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Focusing on the condition of women in formally egalitarian societies, the book shows that history is important to theorise the injustice of gender inequalities and devise transformative remedies.

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This book draws on empirical evidence from sociology, psychology, and organisational studies to argue that people’s everyday use of gender as a primary cultural tool for organizing social relations with others creates processes that rewrite gender inequality.

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This paper focuses on an aspect of social polarisation in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei: its gender implications. The transformation of these cities, from industrial to post-industrial cities, has been accompanied by a transition from Chinese patriarchal society to modern society.

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It is widely accepted that the conflict between women’s family obligations and professional jobs’ long hours lies at the heart of their stalled advancement. Yet research suggests that this “work–family narrative” is incomplete.
Reading News
We’re discussing The Queen’s Gambit for our Dec Book Club!
Winners will have this book (The Only Good Indians) delivered to them personally with a handwritten note from Lirra!

From the outset, the film’s title – The Queen’s Gambit – already foregrounds a sacrifice. Through The Queen’s Gambit, we examine the trope of loss, branching out to consider related themes of addiction, gender representations, political ideologies, as set out in the film.

Fun fact: The Queen’s Gambit is based on the book of the same name by Walter Tevis (as seen below)

The Queen's Gambit

Sign ups are free, and the book club will be held in an interactive online format 🙂

We want YOU – the reader – to tell us what we should include in our Top 20 list!
Tell us your favourite book and win!

We will be compiling our very own, and inaugural favourite 20 books of 2020 list! You, our fellow readers, have been such an integral part of our community-building efforts, so we want to hear your valuable opinions!

Tell us your favourite book, and you might have one of ours sent directly to your doorstep for FREE!

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