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Dec 2020 | ISSUE 15
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This Week’s Reads: Sustainability & Growth
Congratulations on surviving yet another semester! We know you can’t wait to step on the gas pedal for next year, but let’s take a leaf out of this week’s reads, and review what it means to grow in a sustainable manner.

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Asia-Pacific has various concerns and challenges for its sustainable development, a common goal most of them are trying to achieve at the moment. Interestingly, sustainable development in the region may be critical for achieving sustainable development at the global level as well.

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This book uses systems thinking to understand the dominant forces that are shaping our hope for sustainability. Its metaphor-rich and accessible style makes the complex topic approachable and allows the reader to appreciate the intricate balance required to sustain life on Earth.

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This book advances the understanding of corporate sustainability and challenges and roles of sustainability accounting in the Asia-Pacific region. Key approaches to identify sustainability problems and challenges, to support improvement processes and to back up sustainability contributions include accounting and reporting.

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Sustainability Matters analyse the many challenges to effective environmental management covering countries including China, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the EU, and USA. Issues examined include biodiversity conservation, environmental science, environmental governance and management, energy, and urban studies.
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Winners will have this book (The Only Good Indians) delivered to them personally with a handwritten note from Lirra!
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Winners will have this book (The Only Good Indians) delivered to them personally with a handwritten note from Lirra!

Our parent organisation, NUS Political Association (NUSPA), will be hosting their annual Social Policy Forum on 17 December! This is a particularly apt topic given the recent focus on women’s issues in Singapore.We will be sharing some of the details of this forum next week, so give ReadNUS a follow if this is something that you might be interested in!

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