SG100? Leading thinkers envision Singapore in 2065

SG100? Leading thinkers envision Singapore in 2065 is a gem, with experts in their own areas gazing into the “crystal ball” to tell the future for Singapore, 50 years down the road from the book’s publication in 2015. Conceptualised, commisioned and edited by Chua Mui Hoong, The Straits Times Opinion Editor, the twenty essays in the book encapsulates thought-provoking questions and controversial issues from the geopolitical and societal to the scientific and technological.

Whether you are looking for ideas to spark off animated discussion or just plain curious about the road that lies ahead, this is the book that you need! A joint project between Singapore’s port operator, Port of Singapore Authority and The Straits Times, this book puts forth a series of essays from leading thinkers on Singapore’s future including futurologist Peter Schwart, “global city” sociologist Saskia Sassen, Singapore diplomats Tommy Koh and Bilahari Kausikan, business guru Ho Kwon Ping, public intellectual Wang Gungwu, 3D printing expert Chua Chee Kai and eminent molecular biologist David Lane.

Technological applications that will enhance how we live, move and work in new and exciting ways will become commonplace. Besides driverless cars and 3D printing in food manufacturing, we will see the use of systems that can tag and analyse waste and sewage, and alert us to impending disease outbreaks and deliver personalised molecular medicine tailored to our body’s biochemistry. We can look forward to a world where assistive devices and technologies come together to make daily life a seamless journey for the disabled among us. On the political front, Singapore will see a future body politic affected by the conflict between value systems and  the rise of a two-party system. We will have to manouevre dexterously in a world of big power rivalry, adopt a more pan-Asian or Southeast Asian identity, and face Singapore’s “Chinese“ dilemma.

This book, a portent of things to come, is certainly not to be missed!

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