Robert Morrison: The Pioneer of Chinese Missions

Robert Morrison: The Pioneer of Chinese Missions is a biography on Robert Morrison (1782 – 1834) and focuses heavily on his contributions as the first Protestant missionary to China. This eponymous biography was written by Sir William Townsend, a general secretary of the Methodist New Connexion Missionary Society. It describes Robert Morrison’s childhood and religious upbringing, his fervent pursuit of a life devoted to missionary work from a young age, and his time in China as a missionary.

To go about his missionary work in China, Morrison studied the Chinese language and financially supported himself and his family by working as a translator for the East Indian Company. His devotion and unwavering perseverance paid off. During his twenty-five years of work, he translated the New Testament into Chinese and baptised a handful of Chinese believers. He also published the first Anglo-Chinese dictionary, which drew the attention of scholars worldwide and became the prototype for other 19th-century works.

The book unveils the depth and richness in Morrison’s character and his devotion to his religion. It makes a satisfying read and may be of particular interest to Protestants, individuals of other Christian denominations as well as anyone focusing on religious studies.

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