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New Reads for You: Science & Philosophy
Welcome back to school! During the recess week, Lirra at ReadNUS has been busy curating 4 great reads to expand your mind in preparation for your upcoming mid-terms. This week, we look at the intersections between philosophy and science. We’ve added a great title on Galileo, and also wanted to explore women philosophers in Europe. Read on for more. 😊

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This book seeks to understand the ways in which philosophy, science and religion challenge and inform each other. Its’ key focus areas include the foundations of the science-religion debate, faith and rationality, faith and science, and the practical implications of these intersections.

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This biography of Galileo explores the influences on, and of, his exceptional work, thereby revealing novel connections with the worldviews of his age and beyond. Galileo’s life and work are described against a backdrop of the prior scientific state of the art in his various fields of achievement.

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This book sheds light on the originality and historical significance of women’s philosophical, moral, political and scientific ideas in Italy and early modern Europe. By exploring these women philosophers, writers and translators, the book offers a re-examination of the early modern thinking of and about women in Italy.

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This book explores the interplay between philosophies in a wide-ranging analysis of how technological applications in science inform our systems of thought. This fresh addition to the literature features pioneering work in a promising new field that will appeal both to philosophers and scientific historiographers.

Reading News
2020 Singapore Literature Prize Winners Have Been Announced

Congratulations to all the winners of Singapore Literature Prize! To see the full list of winners, click here. We’re excited to promote Singlit as part of our reading initiative, so you’ll be seeing some exclusive interviews of the winners right here on our ReadNUS channels. You’ve heard it first from us, stay tuned! 😎

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