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In This Issue: Sports & Society | Kopi Talk
With the Tokyo Olympics postponed, Lirra’s collated some sports titles so that we can keep our minds active. Also, he’s inviting you to an exciting panel this August!

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The establishment of modern sports in Singapore can be linked to the early and middle periods of the 19th century and as such it would appear that Singapore (along with settlements such as Penang) was a pioneering location for sport in South-East Asia.
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Linking sport to the emergence and growth of modern Asian society, this collection of essays offers a lucid, original and highly readable history of politics, culture and sport in the world’s most populous region.
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This paper seeks to promote the adoption of best practices to facilitate effective use of sport in diplomacy by governments and effective use of diplomacy by international sporting bodies, and to instigate a debate between theorists and practitioners from both realms.
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After the Japanese Occupation, Singapore experienced a brief period of British Military Administration. This article explores how sport in Singapore became an instrument of identity creation during the three years of rehabilitation under civil administration and beyond.
You’re INVITED to our 1st Kopi Talks!
Kopi Talks: Locating 'art' in Singapore in the 21st CC
Are the arts really ‘non-essential’? Our very first panel discussion, called Kopi Talks, turns to art practitioners themselves to explore the theme of “Locating Art in Singapore”.

When: 8 August, Sat, 8PM

Venue: Online

More info on our website here

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