ReadNUS Issue 2

JUN 2020 | ISSUE 2
Lirra’s commuting again to meet his friends for Phase 2!
Now that Lirra’s travelling more to meet his friends, he’s collected a few more books so that we can all #KeepReading even while commuting!

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In This Issue:
ASEAN Regionalism & Development
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This book examines how the region negotiates pathways of development through five countries. At two ends of one decade, 1997-2007, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam all had to weather the shocks of an East Asian financial crisis and a global financial crisis.
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This book explores the normative foundations of ASEAN and the EU. It revives the history of the two organisations in an in-depth narrative of the protracted arguments surrounding their establishment and enlargement.
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Written by the highly regarded diplomat Marty Natalegawa, former ambassador and foreign minister of Indonesia, this book offers a unique insider-perspective on the present and future relevance of ASEAN.
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Since its founding in 1967, ASEAN has attracted both sceptics and proponents. Find out the differences in how sceptics and proponents perceive ASEAN, and why they take up such contrasting positions.
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Love to discuss books? Lirra’s got an exciting program for you!
We’re starting monthly book club meetings!

We know, you’ve been reading all day and haven’t showered. We’ll keep the meetings online for now. Follow us on social media and we’ll get those details to you soon (:

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